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Are you interested in making a big change? It’s a great time! Spring is an ideal time for your plastic surgery procedure because the weather is still cool enough to allow you to stay inside and recuperate, and it’s generally a calmer time than summer. In the summer, it can be especially difficult to stay hang back while everyone else is cooling off by the pool or having fun on the beach. You can still wear looser clothing to help conceal wraps or other post-surgery bandages in the cooler spring months, so you can keep your procedure to yourself, if that’s your desire.

The kids are still in school during spring, so you’ll likely need less help taking care of them while you recuperate. And, you’re avoiding summer vacation. Let’s face it. In the summer, you want to be out with the kids, on vacation, or preparing for the flurry of wedding parties that inevitably come with great weather.

Recommended Treatments in Spring

Breast surgery, body contouring (like liposuction), and facial surgery procedures can all be performed in the springtime and provide stellar results. Consider how well you did with your New Year’s resolutions this year. Yes, it’s only May, but do you even remember them? Did you abandon those goals too quickly? Maybe you’re just a few pounds off of hitting your target weight, but just need a little help to lose those extra pounds. A well-timed procedure can improve the look of your face or body, and help you feel more confident when summer comes. 

Now Is Best

Enjoy the summer relaxing or get that procedure done in the heyday of summer? There’s really no question. If you elect for that procedure now, you’ll be well-healed and able to participate in many activities during the summer. Waiting too long may mean sitting out on the fun.

If you want to schedule an appointment to improve your appearance before the busyness and skin-baring season is upon us, don’t delay. Call us today at 617.632.7827 to schedule a consultation and get the look you want before summer hits!

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