June 2013

What is a reduction rhinoplasty?

A “reduction” rhinoplasty may involve lowering of the dorsum, or bridge, of the nose to straighten the profile of the nose; additionally, the cartilage of the tip of the nose may be reshaped and on occasion soft tissues of the nasal soft tissue also may be carefully thinned.

What is a septoplasty when is done in combination with a rhinoplasty?

A functional septoplasty is a procedure that may be performed at the same time as a rhinoplasty in order to straighten the septum, which divides the left and right sides of the nose on the inside of the nose to help one’s breathing.  Sometimes, cartilage is borrowed from the septum as part of a rhinoplasty.

Saline sprays after rhinoplasty

Patients will often use saline, or salt water sprays following a rhinoplasty inside the nose in order to help keep the inside incisions clean while irrigating the nose on the inside following either a septoplasty or a rhinoplasty.

New study on patients chosing mastectomy

There was a new study presented recently at the American Society of Surgical Oncologists that younger patients appeared to chose mastectomy over lumpectomy as treatment for breast cancer.  https://bit.ly/11emifN

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