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Surgery of the ear, also referred to as otoplasty, is a procedure that helps to reduce protrusion of the ear away from the head. The premise of this procedure is bringing the ears closer to the head. This procedure is commonly performed but is not limited to children.

Reasons for Considering Ear Surgery

  • Address prominent ears
  • Correction of folded ear tips (lop ear)
  • Reshaping of earlobes
  • Treat congenital defects
  • Treat an accidental injury including ear loss


General anesthesia for children, local anesthesia for adults.

General Procedure

An incision is made in the crease behind the ear which provides access to the cartilage located behind the ear allowing for it to be reshaped and bringing the ears closer. The procedure can last for one to two hours, depending upon the extent of surgery.

Other issues and procedures involving ear irregularities can be discussed during your initial consultation.

Recovery Process

Following surgery, large bandages are wrapped around the head. In this way the ears are secured in place which aids in the healing process.  The bandages removed within a week and replaced with smaller dressings.  Rest and limited mobility are recommended to accelerate the healing process and reduce recovery time. Patients may report pain following surgery which can be treated with oral medication.  Although the occurrence of complications is rare, patients can reduce the risk of developing potential problems by carefully following the post-operative instructions.

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