Fillers for Sly Upgrades

We love fillers so much. They offer very little downtime so we can get back to work, but they give us the best results, too. Even if you’ve had fillers or Botox before, we bet there’s at least one way to use them that you’re not aware of. Keep reading to test your knowledge of how well you know fillers and how they can improve your look.

Soften The Jaw

A prominent jaw muscle may result from your genetics or your environment. If you’re working that muscle because you clench your jaw at night or when you’re stressed, you could have a wider face than you would otherwise have. Inject some Botox into the masseter muscle to release that clench and slim down your face.

Eyebrow Boost

We can utilize Botox to raise or lower the arch of your brow without messing with your perfect brows or tweezing one hair. Don’t worry: you can keep your natural emotions showing proudly because we’ll just use a tiny bit.

Smooth and Lift

Use a little bit of filler in the hollows around the temples to help lift up drooping cheeks. It’s a quick, easy way to get a lift.

Skip the Nose Job

Smaller nose issues can be corrected with well-placed filler. You can try out a nose job or just save the rhinoplasty appointment for a time that’s more convenient.

Bye, Pores

Have you been spending money trying to shrink the size of your pores? Unfortunately, there’s not a topical product that can really affect the size of your pores. But, did you know that Botox can? Tiny, tiny amounts of Botox can shrink the pore size on your nose and cheeks without hindering facial expressions.

Bye, Jowls

If you have mild sagging around the jowl area, adding a bit of filler along the jawline can help take away that sagginess. So much quicker than a facelift!

Call us at 617.632.7827 to schedule your Botox or filler consultation today with Dr. Lin. We would love to discuss your needs and help formulate a beautifying plan with you.

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