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Facelift Boston MA

A Facelift (Rhytidectomy), from Lin Plastic Surgery in Boston, is a surgical procedure designed to counteract the effects of aging, exposure to the sun or gravity providing a fresh, youthful appearance. This procedure involves tightening of the facial and neck skin as well as removal of excess fat deposits. This procedure may be performed in conjunction with other facial cosmetic procedures to optimize the aesthetic outcome.

Reasons for Considering a Facelift

  • Sagging skin, muscles, and fat in the face and neck
  • Excessive skin and fat in the neck
  • Sagging jaw line
  • Crease lines along the nose, mouth, and chin

Facelift Boston MA

General Procedure for Facelift

Small incisions are made just inside the hairline, along the contour in front of the ear, and extending under the earlobe to the backside of the ear and lower scalp. The skin is then stretched and tightened, and any excess is removed. If additional attention is required for the neck line, an incision is made under the chin. Tiny stitches are used to close the incisions and to reduce any chance of scarring. Metal clips or staples may also be utilized at the hairline. This procedure may take several hours. Various techniques can be employed which can be discussed during your initial consultation.

Recovery Process for Facelift

Immediately following your facelift surgery from Dr. Lin in Boston, MA, bandages are applied to the face to reduce the recovery time and minimize swelling. Rest and limited mobility are recommended to accelerate the healing process and reduce recovery time. Patients may report pain following surgery which can be treated with oral medication. Although the occurrence of complications is rare, patients can reduce the risk of developing potential problems by carefully following the post-operative instructions.

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