We appreciate and value all feedback on our services. See what people are saying about us:

I am very pleased with the results of my procedure with Dr. Lin. From the very start, he answered all of my questions and was easy to communicate with. I felt very comfortable and safe in his hands, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, kind, and warm doctor.

I had Dr. Lin for two different cosmetic procedures and I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking into getting cosmetics done. From the very beginning it was an incredible experience. He was always very helpful and patient in answering all the questions I asked him (there was over 30!) and he is great at making you feel comfortable and heard. One of the things I loved about him is he doesn't sugarcoat things to you and explains everything in as many different ways as you need so you fully understand everything. He gives you the best advice so that you may have the best possible outcomes. He checks in with you many times before surgery to make sure you are feeling good about your decision and is always reachable to you. The day of surgery went so smoothly. He has the very best team that takes care of everything from the IVs to placing the marks so that you are the least stressed as possible. I had no complications and I am in love with the results. I am in awe everyday with my new body and it is all thanks to Dr. Lin!

I am writing this letter as a follow up to my daughter, Angela’s, Rhinoplasty and deviated septum surgery in August. Knowing that you have so many patients, I will try to familiarize you with her situation. She had, at this point in time, just completed her freshman year in college and was about to transfer to San Francisco. She came to you primarily to have nose surgery. As a parent, I always believed that my daughter was a beautiful young woman. However, my husband and I supported her in her decision to have her nose “fixed”. She had a minor bump and had been the subject of bullying in high school and middle school because of her nose. As bright and as talented as my daughter was, her confidence in her appearance and in other aspects of her life had been compromised. She had a very successful surgery at your gifted hands. You were able to repair her deviated septum but, more importantly, you were able to shave down the bump and sculpt her nose. What a beautiful job! She just graduated, Cum-Laude, from college with a degree in Public Relations/Political Science. She is staying in San Francisco and has a job with a communications firm. I recently asked her what professor made the biggest impact on her college career and she quickly replied that, “It wasn’t a professor; it was Dr. Lin”. She went on to tell me in a mother/daughter conversation that Dr. Lin “made me realize that I wasn’t ugly”. This comment tugged at my heartstrings, but I wanted you to know that you were directly responsible for restoring her confidence in herself. We are very proud of her as she begins her career. She is a happy, vibrant, and accomplished young woman. You were a huge part of her success! Hope that all in well with you. Enclosed is a picture of her at her graduation. Thank you for your part in her happiness! Thank you so very much for your brilliant work!

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for the compassionate and skillful care you-and your team-have provided my spouse during her nose reconstruction. I have watched her regain her confidence, and spirit, with each healing day that passes. It is thanks to your skill that she did not have to go through the forehead flap procedure, and thanks to you that she is healing beautifully! Your caring and gentle nature transformed her nervousness and uncertainty into courage and confidence. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!

My visit to you on July 14 turned out to be bittersweet! I am thrilled at how well my nose healed – however, every time I visited your office it was a shot in the arm. You and your staff could not have been more supportive and encouraging. I will be forever grateful.

During my last two visits with you, there was so much for me to process with my new nose, that I never thanked you properly for all that you did. I could not be happier with the results. For the first time, I can breathe and the cosmetic outcome is perfection. You cannot see the suture line! Your work is impeccable. I am very grateful to you, and it will be a pleasure to recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Dear Dr. Lin,
I really appreciate the time and effort you took into making my nose surgery a success. You made me feel so comfortable and I couldn’t be happier with my results! Thank you for helping me get my confidence back. You are truly an incredible doctor.

Thank you so much for the great work you did on my breast reduction. I can’t tell you how much happier (not to mention easier) my life is now, and I have you to thank. I have been recommending you to everyone who asks, and I will continue to do so. Keep up the great work!

When I took off the bandages and the surgical bra and looked in the mirror, for the first time since my mastectomy cancer was not looking back at me. Thank you so much. I am proud and always have been to be a cancer survivor. It is like a badge of honor that reminds me when I doubt myself I can do whatever I have to. However before the surgery I didn’t feel like I looked the same. Not only am I proud to say I am a breast cancer survivor, but I also thanks to you look better than I did before. May God bless you and your family. Please enjoy the cookies that my daughter and I made. Thanks again.

Just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you how grateful I am for your recently performed surgery. I feel fantastic, look awesome and only wish I had done it sooner. A-One service by all. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful.

I’m so grateful for all you’ve done for me this year – thank you. Merry Christmas!

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We appreciate and value all feedback on our services. See what people are saying about us:
Boston Plastic Surgery is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 215 ratings.

I hemmed and hawed for several years over whether to have my deviated septum corrected and finally went for it this year. On one hand, I wish I had done it sooner because it has been literally life changing - I can breathe, I sleep better, I have had fewer sinus issues and headaches. On the other hand, I am so glad I waited because I was able to work with Dr. Lin and his team, all of whom have been helpful and informative and, I believe, immensely talented. My recovery was surprisingly painless, with no need for painkillers beyond over the counter meds. I 100% attribute this to the skill and care of this team. Seriously, deeply, thank you all!

Jessica Bitely
For anybody on the fence about the benefits of getting a septoplasty if you have trouble breathing, please do not hesitate. My breathing has improved dramatically. Especially, being able to sleep on either side without feeling like by airway is obstructed.

Rita J
I had a really wonderful experience with Dr. Lin. In 2021 he gave me a full left mastectomy and he was very patient and gentle with me. He could tell I was scared and he answered every question and concern I had. This year 7 weeks ago he gave me an implant in my left breast as well as reducing my right breast for symmetry. I am very satisfied and will definitely return if I have any other plastic surgery needs.

Latoya Suba
From the front desk staff, Brooke and Phyllis, and the nurses to the surgeon himself, Dr. Lin, I had a great experience. Having had surgery for breast cancer in 2016, I was very nervous about having a mammoplasty (aka breast reduction). From my very first phone call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lin, I felt empowered to make the right decision for whatever felt right for me. I did not feel any pressure to move forward with surgery so I took my time thinking about it. I came back a year later, after experiencing more shoulder and back pain and decided to go through with the surgery. I really appreciated the space to decide for myself if I wanted to go through with the surgery. I am glad I chose to have my surgery with this medical team. On the day of my surgery I also felt like I had made the right decision because of the staff working with Dr. Lin. As I continue to heal, I am very pleased with my outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin's thoughtfulness and expertise. He has integrity and will let you now the pros and cons of a particular surgery. Thanks Dr. Lin!

natasha cassamajor
Dr. Lin listened to my problem and could scheduled me very fast in order to help me. The team is fantastic and also very kind. Amazing bedside manners.

Carla Baptista
After about 30 years, I finally decided to have a previous rhinoplasty revised due to a constantly blocked airway and a whistling sound made by a perforated nostril (that would keep me awake at night). After a year of investigation, I learned that I was not an optimal candidate for revision surgery, so I set to conduct much more research in order to find just the right surgeon to address the numerous issues, including scar tissue, deviated septum and very uneven nostrils that plagued me for years. Dr. Lin listened very patiently to my 30 year emotional journey about my problematic nose, and by the end of the exam/appt. I trusted I had found the most skilled surgeon (for my issues) and a wonderful doctor with great empathy (and humor). I felt relieved that Dr. Lin would take on such a challenging project! I’m very pleased though only a couple of months post-op, now. I believe this is the best version of the functional nose I could ever hope to see on my face. I’m sincerely grateful to Dr. Lin and his entire team for this positive outcome - don’t give up hope when searching for the right surgeon<3

Denise Brophy
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Asiphe Orah
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lin. I came in seeking help for my breathing issues. He answered all of my questions and eased my anxieties around having a 2nd septoplasty/rhinoplasty. I wanted to feel confident with my nose but still look like myself. He exceeded my expectations and he helped me breathe comfortably again! Very happy with my results.

Brigette Elise Pope
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Lin and his team. They were easy to work with, made sure they fully understood my concerns and goals, provided options, and shared information about the risks and what to expect. The procedure was smooth, everything healed well and the results are fantastic! I had never been able to breathe through my nose before so didn’t really know what I was missing. On the ride home after the packing had been removed, I drove home breathing through my nose with my mouth closed the entire 45 minutes. It was truly life changing to be able to breathe this way!! I am so glad I came to Dr Lin and would highly recommend him.

Suzanne Y.

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