Why Consider Body Contouring In Boston?

You’ve lost a great deal of weight. It doesn’t make a bit of difference if you did it on your own through real changes in diet and exercise, or if you had bariatric surgery. The point is you’re now at a healthy, happy weight.

All of that is great. But what may be disappointing is your skin. It’s still loose, saggy, and won’t seem to adjust to your new slimmer contours.

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Body contouring with Dr. Lin may be the answer. Body contouring involves a series of surgeries that target the areas with sagging skin and tissue. Surgeries are combined whenever possible to make for easier recovery.

Why Would I Need Body Contouring?

When you lose a large amount of weight, particularly if you’ve held that weight for a long period of time, the skin usually won’t return to the same degree of tautness it had before the weight gain. This can be depressing — you’ve lost the weight, but now you’re covered with loose saggy skin. Isn’t skin elastic? Skin is elastic…to a degree. Elastin in the connective tissue of your skin does make the skin rebound and feel malleable, but the connective tissue can only be stretched so far and still be able to rebound. If it is overstretched, it won’t return all the way back, and you’ll be left with loose skin that doesn’t match your slimmer contour.

In these cases, body contouring surgery is the only way the skin can be tightened to match your new slimmer contour.

What Procedures Are Involved In Body Contouring?

Body contouring with Dr. Lin includes a variety of surgical procedures that target the areas where you have loose hanging skin. Every patient’s situation is unique, as is the list of procedures. The single largest procedure is a body lift, which targets the lower torso and upper legs. A body lift sculpts the abdomen, hips, lower back, buttocks, and thighs.

But most people who have lost large amounts of weight have sagging across their bodies. The breasts may need to be reduced, the upper arms lifted.

Your Weight Needs To Be Stable

Body contouring with Dr. Lin is not a weight loss procedure. In fact, Dr. Lin requires his patients to be within a percentage of their ideal weight, and to have maintained that weight for a period of time. This is important because if you are still losing weight, you will create more sagging skin after your body contouring procedures. Obviously, this makes no sense. Conversely, if you put weight back on after your body contouring, you can develop large stretch marks and scars on the sensitive skin that is still recovering from surgery. Bottom line — Dr. Lin wants his body contouring patients to be committed to their new healthier weight and lifestyle. That way, body contouring can provide very gratifying results for the rest of your life.

What Is Body Contouring Surgery Like?

With most areas targeted, the goal is to make an incision and then reposition and tighten the underlying muscles. Excess skin is trimmed. Fat pockets are removed. Incisions, such as those with a body lift, can be lengthy and there will be scarring. Dr. Lin tries to minimize scarring by placing the incisions where they can be hidden by clothing or within a natural crease. Procedures such as tummy tucks and thigh lifts involve a period of recovery, so recovery will need to be careful to not strain the internal sutures.

During your consultations with Dr. Lin, you’ll discuss your goals and your surgical options. Often times, various surgeries can be combined into a single surgical session depending on medical history. This makes for a more involved recovery, but you only have one recovery period instead of multiple recoveries.

What Is Involved With Recovery From Body Contouring Surgery?

All of your incisions will be covered with bandages and dressings. Drainage tubes will be placed in certain locations to prevent the accumulation of fluid and blood. Although you will be instructed to move around early on in your recovery, any strenuous activity and any lifting will be off limits for up to two months. Because many of the areas addressed in body contouring surgery are weight bearing, such as your lower abdomen and your thighs, special attention must be made to not stress those areas during your recovery.

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