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As one of the few double-board certified surgeons in both Plastic Surgery (focused on changing the appearance of the nose) and Otolaryngology (functional nasal surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery) Dr. Lin continues to be able to positively change the shape of one’s nose while improving and preserving the nasal function and breathing for patients near Boston. By specializing in nose reshaping, Dr. Lin can help patients that suffer from a deviated septum, have trouble breathing through their nose, and individuals that are interested in changing the appearance of their nose even from a previous Boston nose job.

The nose is perhaps the most noticeable part of the face, due to its central location. Minor deformities and irregularities are very difficult to hide or camouflage and are more eye-catching than any other area of the face. Nasal proportions should be in harmony with each other and with the rest of the face and body features. A long thin nose that looks balanced in a tall, thin person with a long face will look out of place in a short stocky person with a wide face.

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Aesthetic Rhinoplasty :: Changing the Appearance of the Nose

Rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a nose job) is the art of enhancing the shape of the nose and may involve improvement of the breathing. Rhinoplasty can be done by open or closed approach according to the degree of nasal deformity and the corrections needed to be done. In the closed rhinoplasty all the incisions needed to reshape the nose are made from inside the nose, while in open rhinoplasty there is a small incision done at the base of the nose between the 2 nostrils at the columella (the portion of your nose between your nostrils). This columellar incision is usually unnoticeable due to its hidden location and usually heals exceptionally well. Aesthetic, or cosmetic rhinoplasty, involves changing the outward appearance of the nose. This may involve reshaping the bridge of the nose or tip of the nose, along with other areas. It is important to be able to preserve the function of the nose and being able to breathe through the nose after these procedures are performed.

Functional Rhinoplasty :: Improvement of Breathing

Functional rhinoplasty involves improving breathing after one has had a prior nose surgery or nasal trauma/broken nose. This procedure may be done to improve the nasal airway as well as the outward appearance of the nose. Dr. Lin’s specialty is functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty, as he is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery). Insurance may cover portions of nose surgery relating to breathing issues.

Patients that Dr. Lin sees usually fall into several groups of people. Patients who:

  1. Have already had a rhinoplasty (nose job) who would like to make further changes to the visible part of their nose and/or have breathing difficulty through their nose. Patients who are in this category may be candidates for a Revision or Secondary Rhinoplasty.
  2. Have not had a rhinoplasty or nose surgery previously who would like to improve the outside appearance of their nose and/or would like to breathe better through their nose.

Functional Airway Surgery, or surgery to improve breathing, which is sometimes performed at the same time as Nose shaping, may involve various placement of a patient’s cartilage to help provide support to the nostril or internal mechanics of the nose. These cartilage support grafts may be placed at the nostril area or at the valve area of the inside of the nose as depicted below.

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Rhinoplasty FAQS

Can a functional and cosmetic Rhinoplasty be combined?

Yes, frequently patients do end up combining both a functional and an aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Is any part of the procedure covered by insurance?

In cases primarily of improvement of function, insurance plans do cover procedures usually. Any cosmetic or nose shaping regarding outside appearance is not covered by insurance.

Does a functional Rhinoplasty change the shape of the nose?

In the majority of cases, functional nasal procedures inside the nose do not change the shape of the nose.

What is the recovery time of a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Lin usually advises patients that recovery time is approximately a month’s time of no exercise, no heavy lifting, and generally getting lots of rest. For a cosmetic rhinoplasty, swelling may last up to a year’s time, with most of the swelling decreasing in the first two months.

How much work should I take off for my Rhinoplasty?

On average, one week is enough time to recover. There are patients who take more or take less time following a rhinoplasty however.

What is the process of getting a Rhinoplasty?

The first steps in having rhinoplasty involve understanding a few things: is the reason for having a procedure functional in nature or cosmetic/interest in changing the appearance of the nose? If one is interested in changing the shape of the nose, what specific areas are of interest? Having a rhinoplasty requires significant thought and consideration before the procedure.

When can I fly after having a Rhinoplasty?

For rhinoplasty surgery, it is advised to usually wait at least a week to three weeks after surgery to fly.

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Rhinoplasty Boston MA After Side Dr. Lin After

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