How do chemical peels improve the texture and tone of the skin?

Chemical peel Dull, dry skin is a common complaint of patients in the Boston, Massachusetts area during the winter months. At Boston Plastic Surgery, our team of professionals are here to provide solutions for patients who want to look and feel their best. Over time, the facial skin is impacted by the elements. Dead skin cells can accumulate and result in dull skin appearance. With treatments such as chemical peels, men and women can achieve better looking skin that radiates beauty and health!

What is a chemical peel?

The idea of a chemical peel can be intimidating for many men and women. They may feel as though it is an unsafe procedure due to the placement of chemicals on their skin. However, this treatment has been used for centuries to improve the skin’s texture and tone, and continues to be a reliable and effective way to exfoliate the skin and address common skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, dull texture and tone, and even acne. Chemical peels involve a special blend of chemicals placed on the skin to stimulate skin cell turnover.

How does a chemical peel work?

For a chemical peel, patients start with freshly cleansed skin. Then, patients choose a chemical peel that fits their needs. Chemical peels can be as mild or aggressive as patients desire. More aggressive peels do require patients to arrange time off of social activities, work, and school because of the peeling and blistering that can occur over the course of a week. Mild chemical peels can be left on the skin and will typically only result in mild redness and tenderness. Choose the chemical peel best for your needs. Our team at Boston Plastic Surgery will walk patients through the process and provide instructions for proper healing and recovery. More aggressive peels will result in faster, more dramatic results, but require downtime and often cost more than milder peels available.

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