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Chemical Peels in Boston MA

Chemical Peels in Boston MA

What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a procedure performed to remove fine lines, and to achieve better skin tone and especially on the face.  It functions by removing the outer layers of skin which are damaged by age, sun, acne, wrinkles, or pigmentation problems.  This will allow the body to generate a new layer of skin cells.

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What Concerns Can A Chemical Peel Help Treat?

  • Minimize facial wrinkles and lines
  • Treat sun-damaged skin
  • Reduce age spots and pigmentation problems
  • Treat scars (especially from acne)
  • Treat precancerous lesions

The Chemical Peel Procedure

It is important to note that prior to undergoing a chemical peel any active skin disease, infection, or acne needs to be under control. Various types of chemical solutions exist which can be used, ranging from a mild solution to strong.  Strength of solution will be selected by the surgeon depending on what is best for the patient based on their skin condition, color, and desired result.

First the skin is cleansed of oils.  A solution is carefully applied to remove the layers of damaged skin.  The skin will turn white. It is then.neutralized and cleansed.  At the end, an ointment is applied to the skin to aid in healing.

Recovery From Your Chemical Peel Treatment

Rest and limited mobility are recommended to accelerate the healing process and reduce recovery time. The skin will appear to have a pinkish color, and a thin crust may form over the treated area. Patients may report pain following surgery which can be treated with oral medication.  Although the occurrence of complications is rare, patients can reduce the risk of developing potential problems by carefully following the post-operative instructions.

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