What are the Benefits of Botox?

Botox Boston, MA Botox is one of those treatments that’s so popular, and with good reason. It’s a treatment that doesn’t require knives, sedation, or downtime. You get your amazing wrinkle-blasting results in just a few days, and you can tailor your treatments as you keep coming back for more. Regardless of your reason to look into Botox, you may be surprised at some of the new studies coming out about it. Keep reading to learn more about Botox, and what some benefits of Botox are.


One of our favorite aspects of Botox is how well it can be tailored to each different person. Depending on your concerns, you may only want a little bit of Botox to treat little wrinkles around your mouth. Or, you could want to try Botox all over! We can tailor your treatment to you with Botox.

Muscle Spasms

Though Botox was originally created to help treat muscle spasms, you likely know it for the cosmetic use today. The side effect has taken over as the main use of Botox, but you can still receive Botox to help treat muscle spasms or twitches.

Anxiety and Depression

Studies are being conducted that explore how Botox can help make you feel better, emotionally speaking. That’s right: using Botox to prevent you from frowning may actually make you feel less depressed. It all rests on the facial feedback hypothesis. The idea behind the facial feedback hypothesis this: the muscles in our face actually influence how we feel. You may remember putting a pencil in your mouth, using your lips or your teeth, and reporting how you feel. Most people feel more positive when they hold a pencil with their teeth, rather than lips, and the idea behind it is you’re mimicking a smile already. Your brain takes that information and actually feels happier.

So when we frown, we feel worse. If you feel better after your Botox treatment, there could be a scientific reason why.

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