Otoplasty for The Ears You’ve Hidden Away

Otoplasty | Boston, MA While we’re used to the cold, there’s always a little extra chill in the air when we step outside first thing. And, while this time of year may not be our favorite, it definitely has some perks. We’re able to hide the few extra pounds we gained over the holidays with an extra cozy sweater. We’re also able to spend more time with loved ones inside, where it’s nice and warm. And, we’re also able to hide the ears that make us uncomfortable underneath a beanie or other warm hat.

If you’re self conscious about your ears, this is the last winter you’ll be holding onto your hat like your life depends on it. That’s because, we think that this year is the year you get over the self consciousness about your ears. If you want to learn more about otoplasty and how we can help you get the ears you’d be proud of, keep reading.

What is Otoplasty?

Did you know that the cartilage that makes up certain parts of our bodies (like the ears and the nose) grows slowly and continually throughout our entire lives? Sure, we might appreciate being able to hear better, but do we really need bigger ears to do so? The cartilage in our ears can also grow large and long, sometimes as a result of how we treat our ears. Heavy earrings can take their toll, and if you’ve pierced and stretched your ears, you probably have ears that look quite unnatural when you take out your earrings.

If you’re ready to have ears you’re proud of, otoplasty can help. This surgical procedure is used to help correct the shape of the ears, tweak the angle of the ears, and can even be used to reduce the size of the earlobes.

Am I a good candidate?

Anyone who is concerned or self conscious about the shape or size of their ears is a good candidate for otoplasty.

Are you interested in learning more about otoplasty? Call us at (617) 632-7827 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lin today.

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