Can a functional rhinoplasty and aesthetic rhinoplasty be done at the same time?

functional rhinoplasty Boston MAYes! However, it is key to understand how one relates to the other, in terms of helping a patient breathe better and use their nose better while at the same time changing the outward appearance of the nose!  Sometimes, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) involves only a functional component or only an aesthetic component.

Although the distinction between functional and cosmetic surgery is often blurred (since a good nasal surgery should always optimize both appearance and nasal breathing), some patients seek improvements in airway function without changes in nasal contour — hence the term functional rhinoplasty. While purely cosmetic rhinoplasty or purely functional rhinoplasty are both fairly commonplace, the most common scenario is the patient seeking both functional and cosmetic improvement. After all, a misshapen nose is often associated with corresponding functional abnormalities.

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