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Breast reconstruction after lumpectomy and radiation

Options for breast reconstruction of a lumpectomy defect, or partial mastectomy, are available and can involve using one’s own tissue or an implant in certain cases.  Radiation does affect how skin heals and so be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about  potential options!

Nipple creation after breast reconstruction – is there a difference

between a nipple creation following implant surgery versus after using your own tissue?  I think that there may be a difference, and it is important to ask your breast reconstructive surgeon about this point if you decide to proceed with nipple-areolar reconstruction following mastectomy surgery and breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction using abdominal (tummy) skin/fat

It is known that a traditional TRAM flap (transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap) reconstruction and DIEP flap (deep inferior perforator flap) reconstruction differ.  By definition, a TRAM flap divides the rectus (6-pack) muscle on one or both sides during the process of transferring the tissue up to the chest area for breast reconstruction while a […]

Generosity in the New Year

Last week a longstanding patient of mine made a financial donation to our ongoing research efforts for patients – it was a very kind and generous gesture and much appreciated!

Replacing implant breast reconstruction with DIEP flap reconstruction

Patients will sometimes ask, “Am I able to remove implants after reconstruction and replace them with my own abdominal tissue, or have a DIEP flap reconstruction?”  I would say depending on the patient’s medical history and prior surgical history, most of the time this is an option.  There are several reasons that patients have regarding […]

Thanksgiving wishes

I saw one of my breast reconstruction patients who was recovering from her surgery earlier in the week today; it is not so fun being in the hospital, let alone around the holidays… Patients are amazing – she is doing great, and hopefully home soon… Happy Thanksgiving!

The evolution of using one’s abdominal skin and fat for breast reconstruction

A few decades ago, using one’s own abdominal/tummy skin and fat for breast reconstruction was first described using a TRAM flap (transverse rectus myocutaneous flap) which involved the entire 6-pack muscle on one side (typically) being moved to the chest area for a one sided breast reconstruction.  Over time, using own’s own fat/skin has evolved […]

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