Nine things to know about rhinoplasty procedures

Rhinoplasty A nose job, or “rhinoplasty,” is a plastic surgery procedure that may be done for medical or cosmetic purposes. Dr. Samuel Lin of Boston Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA is pleased to provide patients with solutions for the nose, especially if they are unhappy with its function or appearance. Patients considering rhinoplasty will need to educate themselves on the procedure. This ensures they have realistic expectations as to what a plastic surgeon can achieve. Below are nine things to know about the rhinoplasty procedure:

  • Understand that the shape, size, and overall appearance of the nose is unique to the patient, and what appears beautiful on one individual may appear awkward and unusual on another.
  • Great surgical skills and experience is necessary to achieve a beautiful finished product, so choose your plastic surgeon wisely.
  • Patients should be realistic about what can be achieved with plastic surgery, and understand that some transformations are subtle to ensure a natural appearance.
  • Reshaping of the nose can be done to achieve better balance and harmony with the patient’s facial features.
  • he rhinoplasty can be performed on patients who have nasal deformities or problems that impact their nasal function, or it may be completed to address imperfections of the bridge, nostrils, or nasal shape.
  • Rhinoplasty procedures today are far more accurate and predictable than rhinoplasty procedures several years ago.
  • Patients should expect to take considerable time off of work, school, and social activities to allow for proper healing and recovery.
  • Swelling and bruising is common after rhinoplasty procedures, but will reduce over time as the area heals.
  • Post-operative swelling can distort the appearance of the nose for several months before the final results are achieved, so remain patient throughout the healing process to properly see the changes that have been made.

Are you considering rhinoplasty surgery?

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