Liposuction: Let’s Talk Reality

Liposuction  Boston MA Something interesting has happened as we have come fully into the information age: we have somewhat lost a sense of reality. The internet has made it easier than ever to obtain information on just about every subject. At the same time, the ease with which we connect with these details also creates a chasm between what is real and true and what is merely speculation. When it comes to your body, you don’t want theories, and you don’t want stories, as these are most likely exaggerated to some degree. What you want are cold, hard facts.

Although liposuction is one of the longest-standing cosmetic surgery procedures, there are certain perceptions that continue to be hard to shake. Here’s what you need to know about this fat-reducing procedure:

  • The results of liposuction are not on the scale. We can understand why some people may belief the fallacy that liposuction will result in weight loss. After all, this procedure removes excess fat from the body! The truth is that liposuction should be considered more of a body-contouring technique than fat-reduction. The results of this procedure will show up on your body, and in your clothing size, but not necessarily on the scale.
  • Body-contouring is not for the “overweight.” Fat can accumulate in a given part of the body no matter what your weight. A person you would describe as thin may struggle with an issue such as love handles or a muffin top, but not with overall weight. As such, this person could benefit a great deal from body-contouring with liposuction. If you are that person who feels you “shouldn’t need” liposuction because you are at a healthy weight, this idea could be holding you back from your ideal physique. Don’t let it.
  • Liposuction will do all the contouring. In some cases, fat-reduction is all that is needed to contour the abdomen, thighs, or another area, but not always. If skin and superficial tissue have become lax and loose, a tightening procedure may be the perfect complement to liposuction for beautiful contours.

Liposuction is a safe, effective technique that is not limited to larger areas of the body. Learn more about this procedure and what it can do for you. Call our Boston cosmetic surgery office at 617-632-7827.

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