How to reduce swelling and bruising following rhinoplasty surgery

There are many reasons why a patient might choose to have a nose job, also known as rhinoplasty. Regardless, reaching the decision is a personal one and can come with anxiety for some. Any type of surgery has its possible risks and complications, but the outcome patients experience is often well worth it! At Boston Plastic Surgery, we know that nose surgery might be an overwhelming concept and that the recovery and healing process has many unknowns. Bruising and swelling are common after many facial plastic surgeries, but can be managed well by patients. Read on to learn more about tips on reducing the aftereffects of plastic surgery on the nose! 

Bruising and swelling following rhinoplasty 

Patients who are moving forward with rhinoplasty surgery are often excited about enhancing their appearance, but might be worried about what to expect during the recovery process. For some, bruising may or may not arise, depending on the extent of the surgical procedure. Bruising is caused by the disruption of capillaries during the procedure which causes blood to leak and collect beneath the skin, causing the appearance of black eyes or a darkened nose. Swelling is also common and part of the recovery process, and both can last approximately a week or so after surgery. 

What are some tips for facilitating faster healing? 

Bruising and swelling can be managed in a few different ways. Dr. Samuel Lin of Boston Plastic Surgery recommends the following: 

  • Keep your head elevated for the first few days following surgery
  • Use a cold compress for the first few hours after surgery
  • Get enough sleep to help facilitate faster healing and recovery
  • Take time off of work and activities to rest and heal
  • Stay hydrated to reduce swelling
  • Avoid wearing eyewear if possible as this can aggravate pain and inflammation

Consider enhancement of the nose with Dr. Samuel Lin of Boston, MA 

The rhinoplasty procedure is a common facial surgery performed by the team at Boston Plastic Surgery and continues to be a popular option for those dissatisfied with their noses. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, we welcome you to call our main office number at (617) 632-7827 to request an appointment at 98 Binney St Ground Floor, Boston, MA 02215.

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