Caffeine and breast reconstructive flaps

I had a patient recently who was a 2-3 cup a day coffee consumer who asked about caffeine intake after surgery… indeed, there may be a situation where your plastic and reconstructive surgeon asks patients to decrease or even temporarily discontinue caffeine intake for a period of time after surgery to optimize wound healing… just […]

This past week

I would like to thank a patient of mine who I saw this week who had undergone bilateral mastectomy with implant based reconstruction, and, at this point, bilateral nipple reconstruction… on course for her nipple-areolar tattooing. Her comment was that breast reconstruction, including the nipple-areola reconstruction, was more than simply just that…. it really completed […]

Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Conference in Washington DC

The BC3 conference is going on in washington DC currently and there is an interesting section on partial breast reconstruction. This field was first popularized in Europe, and is currently increasing in frequency at centers in the US… Essentially, the technique revolves around reconstruction of a lumpectomy defect by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon following […]

happy new year

I recently read an article by the Independent (from the United Kingdom) relaying that at the Royal Marsden, 43 per cent of patients undergo reconstruction after a mastectomy – more than double the national UK average, according to last year’s figures. It seems that although the number of patients who have had a mastectomy who […]

New study from Daily News (Los Angeles 10/20)

A very recent report released this week stated that 43% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are not told about breast-reconstruction options from a survey by the nonprofit Cancer Support Community. Also, nearly 88% of women who had discussed options with a surgeon were pleased with their subsequent decisions. These are the very numbers, that […]

Immediate vs. Delayed Reconstruction

There are many factors that go into the decision regarding the timing of breast reconstruction. Sometimes women prefer to proceed with a mastectomy and other needed cancer treatment, leaving the question of possible reconstruction for later. Sometimes there are clear medical reasons why a delay is preferable, and sometimes women strongly prefer a single major […]

2010 Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer

This past sunday our nurse Maria walked and raised funds for Breast cancer research along with several breast reconstruction patients from our practice. Hopefully it wasn’t too windy out during the day, but I hear that the walk was truly inspirational with many others whose lives have been affected by breast cancer also out for […]

New study in Archives of Surgery about delayed reconstruction after mastectomy

There were 2 articles that came out about “delayed” reconstruction following mastectomy. While this adds another article to the discussion, it highlights the point about talking to your plastic and reconstructive surgeon about reconstruction and the nature of the disease…. for instance, for people who definitely need radiation after a mastectomy, delayed is an option […]

Followup to New York law

As we have been reading about ramifications to the newly passed law in New York regarding providing options of breast reconstruction to individuals requiring mastectomy, I think about the continued majority of patients in this country who have not had reconstruction, either by not having the opportunity or otherwise….

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