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Both men and women can struggle with excess fat and skin in the  midsection. This may be caused by poor diet, medication, stress, and other factors. However, with the help of a plastic surgeon, patients can achieve an improved body contour while targeting this specific area—which can be difficult to address with diet and exercise alone. Dr. Samuel Lin and his staff at Boston Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA work directly with patients to help them determine if they are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

What is a tummy tuck?

Dr. Samuel Lin describes the tummy tuck as a procedure that addresses both excess fat and excess skin. It combines liposuction with manual skin removal afterwards. The process starts with proper anesthetics and sedation, ensuring patients are comfortable during the surgery. A wand-like instrument called a cannula is inserted into the abdominal area and used to suction out excess fat cells. Once this is complete, the doctor can then see the areas where excess skin remain. This skin is cut off and then area sutured to complete the process. The entire surgery can take less than two hours, and most patients can return home the same day as their procedure to rest and recover.

Why choose the tummy tuck procedure?

Liposuction alone can remove unwanted fat, but sometimes it can leave behind sagging skin. With a tummy tuck, patients can remove both for a firmer, flatter midsection. This is the best way to achieve results when unwanted fat and skin remain in the area.

What other procedures can be performed at the same time?

To reduce the amount of time off work, some patients choose to have the tummy tuck procedure performed at the same time as other surgeries. This may include breast enhancements. In fact, the tummy tuck procedure is often part of our “mommy makeover” plans for women interested in a more dramatic transformation.

Interested in abdominoplasty?

Contact Dr. Samuel Lin and his team in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss the benefits of this and other cosmetic surgeries used to achieve better body contours. The office is located in 98 Binney St Ground Floor, Boston, MA 02215 and can be reached telephonically at (617) 632-7827.

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