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My journey to cosmetic surgery really began as a young woman. I’ve always enjoyed and taken pride in looking my best. I wear makeup and nice clothes to enhance my appearance. Now at age 67, I thought my face looked tired, my neck, eyelids and jowls sagged. I had a few more wrinkles and age lines than before, and the compliments I received were now fewer. I promised myself as a young woman that when the time was right for me, I would regain that feeling of youth and turn back the clock a little with the help of cosmetic surgery. In early 2020, I decided that the time for me was now. In July 2020, Dr. Samuel Lin performed a face and neck lift and upper eyelid surgery. The results were simply amazing! Dr. Lin has taken at least 10 years off my appearance. At age 67 I am now often mistaken for my early 50s. I smile every day when I look into the mirror and know that this was among the best decisions I ever made for me! Was the pain worth the outcome? A resounding, yes! The most pain I experienced was during the first 2-3 days, but the pain medication made it comfortable and manageable. After 7 days the occasional Tylenol was enough. Dr. Lin is an extremely talented plastic surgeon. His credentials speak volumes to this and I promise you, I did my research. Dr. Lin was patient, professional, and took time to respond to all my concerns and questions; I would not hesitate to recommend him for any of your cosmetic needs. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I must also acknowledge Dr. Lin’s Administrative Assistant, Stacy Agbonifo for her outstanding and exceptional assistance throughout the administrative procedural process from booking appointments, completing paperwork, to preparing for my surgery. Her professionalism, willingness to help, and warm personality put me at ease. I’ve had so many positive comments about my appearance and even received second glances from strangers and friends. It is wonderful to feel young again! While I told my family and closest friend about my surgery, to the rest of the world, it will be our little secret. This was made possible by the skillful surgeon, Dr. Lin and his team with my resulting “natural” looking results. As the middle child, my sisters now jokingly call me their baby sister. Jean W.

Jean W
It was a great learning experience even during the Covid 19 situation thanks to Dr. Samuel, I personally am very grateful for the Opportunity to have been able to improve my knowledge about the latest advances in skin grafting, bone grafting, implants and prosthesis. Dr Samuel is a awesome teacher, he gave us a lot of learning material during our clinical rotation and let us learn at our own pace, before this rotation my knowledge of plastic surgery was minimal at best..but after learning from Dr. Lin who is among the best in his field, i really got a thorough understand of the depth and scope of the field of plastic surgery. Overall it was excellent and also I would like to thank my fellow students during the rotation for asking so many interesting questions to Dr Lin, it was great working with many different people from many different backgrounds. All in all exceptional people everyone of them.

Gutlapalli Dheeraj Chowdary
Had an amazing experience learning from Dr. Lin. He is knowledgable and passionate about plastic surgery. The course covered the depth and breath of plastic surgery. The course was cohesive and the lectures added and clarified the readings which help build the base of knowledge. I now know more about each of the different facets of plastic surgery, and this will serve me well in the future. Dr. Lin is a charismatic teacher and is so willing to answer questions. I would recommend any student with an interest in plastics to not miss this opportunity.

R. Shermeen
I had the opportunity met Dr. Samuel Lin in an online meetings to discuss different topics in plastic surgery and reconstruction. It was an enriching experience in a welcome environment that for sure add an updated knowledge. Thank you!!!

Gabriela Piazza Sassi
Since I was a young girl, I have always been self conscious of my nose. I hated taking pictures, I hated smiling because I felt like my nose took over my face. I would get bullied and was always told “ i'd be more attractive with a smaller nose” I would go on these trips and would have an amazing time only to come home and look at photos of me later to ciriticisze and cry over. Finally at 30, I decided enough is enough and to get Rhinoplasty. It has been a just about 3 months since my surgery with Dr. Samuel Lin and I am over the moon with the results. Not only am I super confident but I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can’t thank him enough for his professionalism and bedside manner :).

autumn dee
I recently had a septoplasty performed by Dr. Lin and I enthusiastically recommend him as a surgeon! I consulted with a few other ENTs before scheduling my operation, but none were as informative and experienced as Dr. Lin. I want to mention an important part of my experience: Dr. Lin is a patient and attentive listener. This trait is crucial in a surgeon and it gave me confidence to proceed with my septoplasty. The recovery period can extend six months or longer, but already at two months after my surgery I’m very happy with the results (improved breathing). If you’re considering a septoplasty and still haven’t chosen a surgeon, I highly recommend Dr. Lin!

matt h
I joined the tele health rotation with Dr. Lin to get a broader sense of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in the U.S. Dr. Lin has been very patient and involved throughout, even after a long day at work which in most cases was every other day. This gave me an idea of the patient and procedures performed on a daily basis at the BI and the videos and discussions further added to my interest in the program and branch.

Charoo Piplani
Dr. Lin was fantastic! I was very nervous to get have a breast reduction done, but he walked me through the entire process and made me feel very comfortable with the whole thing. The procedure was quick, and I experienced little pain after the first day. It was more of a discomfort that faded a little each day. My incisions healed quickly and didn’t give me any trouble. Since my surgery, the back and neck pain I’ve struggled with for a long time has lessened substantially. I’m so glad that I went through with this surgery and used such an amazing doctor!

Mia Perri
After meeting with several "top" plastic surgeons in the Boston area, my daughter and I unanimously selected Dr. Lin to perform her procedure. He could not have been better!!! He has a world-class background and a conservative thought process. In addition, he was incredibly supportive and comforting throughout. Needless to state, her outcome was as he planned and we are thrilled. Before selecting a "flashy" MD, I would HIGHLY consider meeting with Dr. Lin. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

stephen koenigsberg
The concept of attending a rotation at Harvard was initially intimidating. Dr. Lin's personal and very friendly demeanor quickly dispelled any anxiety I had. My clinical telehelth rotation with Dr. Lin was a pleasure. The online learning modules were very thoroughly designed and covered every aspect of plastic surgery over the month duration. Each day we read articles and covered different topics. Then in the evenings we met by video conference and discussed that day's readings. Our discussions were extremely insightful and rewarding. Sessions included visual/video representations of the procedures we studied that day. Everything was based around our interest, whichever topic we wanted to look more deeply into, Dr. Lin had plenty of material to help us understand. After completing my month long rotation, I have a better understanding of the entire field of plastic surgery. The course further deepened my interest in the field.

Vlastibor Minarovjech

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