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This was an amazing experience, I was able to learn a lot, full of knowledge, and Dr. Lin was a spectacular preceptor, always willing to clear all the doubs, for sure an skilled physician. 1000% woth it, I repeat amazing experience!

Gabriel Cordoba
Dr. Lin has excellent communication skills. He possesses and demonstrates a broad range of skills. Describes the rationale for actions and decisions. Responds clearly and precisely to learner questions, connects information to broader concepts, communicates clear goals and expectations, and makes learning enjoyable. I enjoy how attentively Dr. Lin analyzes a learner by accurately measuring the learner's knowledge, attitudes, and skills and providing useful feedback. Dr. Lin is skilled in practice and teaching because he provides effective role modeling, organizes and clarifies information, generates interest in the subject matter, organizes and controls the learning experience, balances clinical and teaching responsibilities, and assigns appropriate responsibility to the learner. One of the many qualities I admire about Dr. Lin is that he encourages the learner by emphasizing problem solving, translating specific cases into general concepts, and encouraging active participation of the learner. Dr. Lin enjoys and is enthusiastic about patient care and teaching, and he develops a supportive relationship with the learner.

ranvir bhangu
Dr Lin is a great surgeon, best mentor and scientist. He is one of the leading scientists and contributors in the advancement of the plastic surgery field. Despite his very busy schedule, he always finds time to guide and support his researchers no matter what. I was lucky enough to learn from Dr Lin and grateful for all the skills he taught me. He is very personable, caring and always prioritizes his patients' needs. I would highly recommend doctor Dr Lin, his experience and track record speaks for itself!

nargiz seyidova

Do your research!! I had a breast reduction and i admit my shoulder and back pain is gone which was the main reason for my breast reduction. Having said that, I am not happy with the look of my breast not to mention the itchy scars even after 4 years!!! I had to have a scar revision surgery which did not even improve the look. Good thing my insurance covered the cost of 10k in full as I wouldn't have paid a penny. To add insult to injury, the frond desk and nursing staff they hired post pandemic are the worst, incompetency at its best!

I had rhinoplasty about 6 months ago and am so happy with my results. Dr. Lin did such an amazing job I finally feel like myself and my nose looks exactly the way I want it to look. Overall I’ve had a great experience with him and his team I highly recommend!

Casey Donlan
Everything is organized and well planned out in detail. I truly recommend doing a rotation with Dr. Lin to those who are interested in the field of plastic and reconstruction surgery. Dr. Lin provided us with so many interesting cases that I don't think we will come across all of them within just one month. You will certainly get a glimpse of the field as a whole which is very beneficial to any medical student. I gained so much new knowledge and saw many exciting procedures I had not seen before during medical school. The articles and quizzes on the platform he provided us are exceptional and valuable. At first, I was pretty nervous since he's the program director, but Dr. Lin is very humble and patient. I indeed did have a good time, and I'm sure you will, too, for those deciding on taking this rotation!

Kaew A.
I recommend the clinical rotation, especially for those who want to evolve in the surgical field. Dr. Lin is a great professor who is devoted to IMG education. I attended a one-month plastic surgery rotation with him. This month, we went through important plastic surgical topics, including wound healing, reconstruction of nose, breast, and limb, etc. These topics are useful and astonishing to medical graduates. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable to address all the questions I had. I really enjoyed this virtual rotation with him.


Giovanni Junior

José Rumbo

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