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Dr. Lin was my life saver. The surgery he performed on my face was extremely delicate, challenging and successful. Just so the breadth of his work on me is understood, I’m including the following details to help understand his incredible expertise. I had a very unfortunate accident where I fractured my eye socket, cheek bone, maxillary sinus wall and dislocated of my lower jaw bone all on the left side of my face. My face was sunken in and my eye socket distorted. I really didn’t understand just how severe the damage was until I saw the Cat Scan. Dr. Lin completely reconstructed and sculptured the broken side of my face using titanium. He is an artist. He was able to do this reconstruction on me avoiding cutting the ‘outside’ of my face. There is no visible hint of a cut or surgery. Unless I tell people about my facial reconstruction they have no idea. I look like myself again! In addition Dr Lin is the nicest, kindest doctor. I would put my life in his hands again and again. Thank you Dr Lin.

Lin Lie
Thank you so much for your fabulous treatment!

Kathy Doris
Hi Dr. Lin! I can’t thank you enough for helping to piece my arm and life back together. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season.

Hagan Grills
Thank you for your kindness and compassion.

Gurpreet Dhami
Excellent demeanor. Listened to my concerns and made suggestions that would be best for me.Very tuned in to patient, not rushed or pushing his advice. A 5-star dr.

P Betti
I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. You are an outstanding doctor and person.

Beckie Potts
I could not leave without thanking you for your attention and care during my time at BIDMC.

Monica Mekhail
We’ve been walking the beach almost every morning. It is so beautiful! We talk and/or facetime with our kids and grandchildren pretty much ever day. I am very blessed to have this life and thank you for your kind and personalized care!

Luke Wales
I went to see Dr. Lin about a rhinoplasty, which I'd been thinking about for years. Dr. Lin took alot of time to discuss exactly what I wanted and how my nose could be improved. When his office called with a surgical date, some of my family members were against it because they thought my nose was fine as it was. I started to doubt that I should go through with it. But then I told myself that at age 60, it was now or never and that I'd always wonder if I should have done it. Also, my husband objected because the surgical date, which had opened up due to a cancellation, was only 10 days away from a plane flight that we needed to take for an event. He felt that I'd be bruised and would ruin any photographs of us. After convincing him it would be fine, I scheduled the surgery. The surgery went like clockwork. Afterwards there was very little pain. I had some bruising but by the time I boarded the plan 10 days later, it was completely gone. It can be a little scary to have a rhinoplasty because you don't know exactly how you'll look. Plastic surgery is an art as well as a science and Dr. Lin has the talent, skill, and experience to do a very natural looking, excellent job. I'm very happy with the result and would highly recommend Dr. Lin.

jay jayn
Nine years ago I had a melanoma removed from my nose which left two large divots and an unsightly vertical scar. It bothered me significantly. I considered taking remedial measures, and both my dermatologist and spouse were encouraging. After the scars healed, I consulted a cosmetic surgery institute. The institute recommended that I consult with a plastic surgeon and provided me with a few surgeons' names. I procrastinated for a couple of years, and when I was ready to proceed, Dr. Linn was the second surgeon I consulted with. From the moment we met, Dr. Linn was supportive and informative. He was also encouraged that a significant amount of time had passed since the chemotherapy and punch biopsies were performed because this gave him a more flexible scar to work with. His professional manner and presentation of the procedure gave me confidence to proceed with corrective plastic surgery. His entire team was equally professional. One nurse even identified a stitch issue from a phone photo. All in all, my experience was positive and my scar was minimized significantly. To me, Dr. Linn is "The Best!"

Henne Sym

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