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Leslie Thompson
If you are seeking a great plastic surgeon in the Boston Mass area, I highly recommend Dr. Samuel Lin. Dr. Lin and his entire team were very supportive throughout my whole process of getting my breast surgery in 2020. I still had continued support during my aftercare and during my entire healing process which was not as easy or hard, but new. Things you should consider is the scarring and nipple loss sensation that can happen. My scars are not that bad and are becoming lighter in coloration as I have used different products to help support that. Only one nipple has partial sensation loss that comes and goes but I utilize amazing therapeutic techniques that helps support stimulation. Again very minor after affects from my surgery but I am happy I did it and it has improved certain areas of my movement, comfort, and wellness. Most important is that I have recovered very well! Hopefully someone will find some inspiration in my story.

Lakeisha Muhammad

Carol King
I really wish I had done this years ago. I was referred to Dr. Sam Lin after a consult with Dr. Caradona when I noticed increased issues with breathing through my nose and fairly severe snoring. After a nasal endoscopy I saw that I had a significant deviated septum on the right and a deviation on the left. This explained why breath right strips, irrigation, decongestants, etc. never worked for me. After meeting with Dr. Lin and his fellow we scheduled a septoplasty and turbinate reduction. The day of surgery the entire care team were incredibly kind and friendly. I woke up in recovery and had very little pain. I had to ask the nurse if Anesthesia had given me any painkillers and they hadn't, just the Tylenol before the operation. I was warned the first few weeks of recovery can be rough. I apparently lucked out as it was very smooth. I was able to manage the pain with Tylenol alone and slept with my head elevated under a wedge pillow I bought on Amazon and a humidifier. I regularly irrigated with saline as instructed and changed the bandage regularly. I took a week out of work to recover and spent most of it playing video games and reading. Not a bad week! Swelling was way down after a week and when I had the splints taken out it was amazing. I have never been able to breath so easily. In the months since the procedure I am sleeping better, snoring has improved, and my breathing is way better. In short I am so thankful that I went to Dr. Lin and his team and wish I did it years earlier!

Dave Fobert
I would like to share my experiences between weight loss and I plastic surgery on my stomach to remove the extra skin I wasn't well the past 7 years put weight on and of course after the surgery for weight loss my stomach hung and it bothered me but then I met up with DrLin referred to me by Doctor Jones who did my weight loss surgery and I am so pleased with a job that Dr Lin has done ,he is a fantastic doctor he made me feel very comfortable and I am so happy with the results I feel like a new person I have confidence in myself again , there were times that I would not look in the mirror because of my stomach hanging and the rash that I would get now I feel like a new person again I'm happy with the results and I will go back to the doctor again to repair my legs with the extra skin I would totally suggest to do it even at my age as a senior you want to look your best do you want to be happy and if you are thinking that it not for you ,think again ,its never to late to feel good about yourself, with the little plastic surgery does that for you 2 I would highly suggest it,I feel so much better and I don't mind looking in the mirror again, it took 2 years but now I am ready for my next step, good luck ,do it for your self esteem, not for any one else ,I did this for me !

Linda Decicco
I had been thinking about getting a neck lift for a few years. I tried all kinds of things to avoid surgery but nothing worked and was expensive. I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Lin after hearing compliments from other doctors about his work and and from patient on-line reviews. When I met with Dr. Lin, I immediately felt comfortable and confident he was the right doctor for me. I never felt rushed, he answered any questions that I had and explained what he would do during the procedure. I am so glad I decided to have the surgery. Dr. Lin was very reassuring days leading up to the surgery. I am presently 8 weeks out and couldn’t be happier! I was thrilled with the results on the 3rd day after surgery even with some swelling. I have had many compliments so far and know my neck will look even better in a couple months. I would highly recommend Dr. Samuel Lin to anyone.

Kimberly Squier
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Stå Pür
Excellent course on fundamentals of plastic surgery. Highly recommend for anyone going into plastics or even general surgery (like myself). Well-balanced course between didactics, discussion, and procedure videos. By taking this course, you will learn a great deal to be able to apply in future practice. Dr. Lin is, without a doubt, the best in the field. Consider myself extremely lucky to learn from surgeon with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sujata Syamal

Ta-Naudia Pogue
Would highly recommend the course with Dr. Lin. I had an amazing opportunity to learn from a professor who is eager to teach and review any lingering questions. We covered many topics, here are are some I enjoyed the most: • Wound healing (burns, flaps, and grafts) • Aesthetic surgery • Craniofacial head and neck surgery • Breast surgical techniques and gender affirming surgery • Extremity injury, trauma, and reconstruction I am grateful for this experience and know that future students will benefit from Dr. Lin's dedication to mentoring and teaching.

Lois Nestor

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