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Dr. Lin has been an amazing mentor. He has been very encouraging and supportive of my research projects, and tremendously helped guide my research in the right directions at every stage. He was always available to answer any questions I had, and his guidance instilled confidence, trust, and assurance. Dr. Lin is one of the most dedicated and inspiring educators I have ever met!

Eric Shiah
I had the great opportunity to do a virtual rotation in plastic surgery with Dr Lin: I was so grateful to learn each day from a plastic surgeon who makes students feel comfortable to ask questions in any area of this specialty and takes the time to answer with clarity. I learned a lot during this four weeks rotation, this rotation helped me to understand fundamentals and more in plastic surgery and I truly enjoyed the videos with surgical techniques. I do recommend this program for any student who is interested in plastic surgery in the future. Nancy Maty

pulcherie pamela
I had the great opportunity to do a virtual clinical rotation in plastic surgery and a research program with Dr Lin. Dr Lin makes students feel comfortable to ask questions in any area of this specialty and takes the time to answer with clarity. I learned a lot during this clinical rotation, which helped me to understand fundamentals in plastic surgery with lectures and great videos with surgical techniques. During the research program, Dr Lin gave us great ressources for systematic review and guided us week after week through the process, encouraging us to deepen our reflexion step by step. I do recommand these two programs to any physician/student interested in research in general and in any plastic surgery's area.

Nancy Maty
The best rotation I have ever had and Dr Lin is both amazing and inspirational. The rotation was very well structured starting off with fundamentals and moving on to more advanced topics that require us to apply what we have learnt. This is a must do rotation for anyone who is considering Plastic Surgery as a career.

jeremy Cheong
I had an amazing experience in virtual rotation at Harvard Plastic Surgery Integrated program. You have all the resources for a intensive month of study as videos, scientific articles, testings, lectures. I really recommend this for other medical students or medical graduated.

Ludmila Rodrigues
I took my first consultation appointment on February 2021 and got a slot in May 17th. I was so excited to meet the doc based on reviews but got a voice msg on 16th May evening saying that the appointment is canceled and told to give a call to reschedule.I tried to call and emailed them but no response. I was kind of heartbroken at that point as I was looking to get a nose job for years and I had hope that this is going to work out with Dr Lin. I was waiting for 3 months to get a consultation and they didn't show enough courtesy to acknowledge their fault and never attempted to rectify it.

Athi Aami
I recently had a cosmetic rhinoplasty and I am so happy with my results! I’m not very good at expressing/explaining myself but he was spot on with what I wanted. He made sure that we were going for the results I wanted. Dr.Lin went above and beyond ensuring that I felt safe and secured during the procedure. My surgery was Monday morning and what made me feel so secure was that he called me the night before the surgery making sure I was okay and if i had concerns or questions. I can honestly say that Dr. Lin is a very dedicated person and very knowledgeable. Him and his team are all excellent. I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done.

joanne briones
Dr Samual Lin corrected a lack of facial symmetry issue due to a poor result from plastic surgery. His expertise and skills provided facial symmetry and made me feel confident of my appearance. In addition he corrected a deviated septum which allows me to enjoy a good night sleep, which I am forever grateful.

Carol Kennedy Hurley
I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Dr. Lin! Dr. Lin presented all the materials and answered all my questions very clearly, and I especially loved the surgery videos which are very well-presented and to me felt like I was watching the live surgery. I truly learned a whole lot from the course, from the fundamentals of plastic surgery to the most interesting novel techniques and I feel like this course not only opened my eyes but also set me on my path as an aspiring plastic surgeon. It’s certainly been a very exciting month of learning and I really hope to delve deeper into plastic surgery in the future!

Gabriele K
As a medical student with long-standing nasal congestion, I was wary about getting a procedure done before trying medications first. I did not find too much relief from the nasal sprays and eventually sought Dr. Lin out from a trusted referral. His office was organized and usually very responsive, and I went to see him for 2 visits before the surgery itself. I appreciated Dr. Lin's bedside manner and he did not push any particular procedure on me before I made my own decision. I eventually decided to get surgery at BIDMC with Dr. Lin, and my patient care experience was as smooth as possible. I am now finished with the recovery period, and am so happy that I decided to go through the process! I had an anatomical problem that only surgery could fix, and I am thankful to Dr. Lin for guiding me through a stressful and time-sensitive journey!

Akshay Shanker

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