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When I took off the bandages and the surgical bra and looked in the mirror, for the first time since my mastectomy cancer was not looking back at me. Thank you so much. I am proud and always have been to be a cancer survivor. It is like a badge of honor that reminds me when I doubt myself I can do whatever I have to. However, before the surgery I didn’t feel like I looked the same. Not only am I proud to say I am a breast cancer survivor, but I also thank to you look better than I did before. May God bless you and your family. Please enjoy the cookies that my daughter and I made. Thanks again.

Dale Eagleson
My experience with Dr. Lin and his team far exceeded my expectations. This was my third time having a septoplasty/rhinoplasty (previous experiences were 20 and 25 years ago), so I felt confident in knowing what I was and was not looking for. Because neither of the previous surgeries were truly successful, I decided if I were to do this again, I was going to someone I trust. I must confess, I know Dr. Lin from outside of his medical practice, so having confidence in his work was never a question for me. Prior to meeting with Dr. Lin to discuss my procedure, I spent time thinking about what was most important to me and what was the outcome I hoped to have. During my consultation, we discussed these priorities and concerns in detail; breathing better was most important and I also hoped for some minor enhancements to the outer appearance of my nose. I was explicit about what I hoped could be changed, but left it up to Dr. Lin to do what would look best once he was operating on me. Even though I had been through two surgeries before, Dr. Lin spent a considerable amount of time talking to me about the full extent of the procedure, as well as walking me through the recovery period. Prior to surgery we reconfirmed what we had discussed, which made me even more relaxed and confident that I had made the right choice. The team from start to finish, both in the office and at the hospital, were supportive, thoughtful, and thorough. If you’re looking for an experienced, honest surgeon, I give Dr. Lin my highest recommendation.

Louise Benjamin
Imagine you were raised on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Hibiscus and acacia trees lined the streets. You could see the beauty, yet it could not be fully appreciated. You had a 70 % deficit on your ability to take all the scents in. Then you learned that was a procedure in a distant land that could correct all of that. So I gave it a try. You know that there are decisions in one’s life that are dumb. And there are decisions that are life changing. Having undergone septoplasty to correct a deviated septum allowed me to inhale and breathe to full capacity. Indeed, it has been an exhilarating experience. I can now go back and fully appreciate the hibiscus and birds of paradise fragrances. Thank you Dr. Samuel Lin for making that possible!

c gradil
MY SURGICAL JOURNEY WITH A SEPTOPLASTY I believe that I am the ideal patient to write about my surgical experience for several reasons. My medical history is complex and takes a considerable amount of time to fathom and convey to all who would be involved in my care. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have received a recommendation to see Dr. Lin. An appointment for an initial consultation may take as long as 3 months, but you can ask to be placed on the cancellation list. His administrative assistant is always accessible, eager to help and well-organized. She's a pleasure to work with. I never felt I was a bother when I would call looking for a cancellation slot. A cancellation did came through and I was seen within 7 weeks. Do be prepared to wait beyond your scheduled appointment time. My appointment with Dr. Lin and his team was never rushed. The time spent was all about me and my problems. My examination was painless. I had a plethora of questions for Dr. Lin and he patiently answered every one of them. He reviewed his findings and discussed my options. Surgery was the one I chose. I had major concerns about having surgery due to my other medical conditions which would make my recovery much slower than most patients. It is typically a day surgery, but would not be for me. Dr. Lin listened attentively and clearly understood what was going to be needed to provide me with a smooth post-operative course. Poor communication between the staff would become confusing, frustrating and frankly, a nightmare for all. It was crucial that Dr. Lin made sure that everybody was on the same page. I must have repeated myself 10 times and he listened as though each time was his first. Pain management was also worrisome. Despite being thin, my body requires more medication to achieve pain relief. With past surgeries I was faced with a power struggle and I needlessly suffered. I wanted to be reassured that this would not happen again and that I would be listened to and not ignored. Dr. Lin told me he heard me loud and clear and assured me that it would be a synchronized post-operative plan of care. While in the pre-operative area Dr. Lin once again reviewed my problem, what he would be doing during the procedure,and that there was a possibility it could return. He also emphasized that my surgery was an elective choice made by me. He asked if I still wanted to proceed, that I could change my mind at that very moment and leave. I was so anxious at this point that I asked him to repeat what he said because I thought I misunderstood him. Despite the time and expense to prepare me up to 10 minutes before the surgery, there would be no penalty if I changed my mind and if I chose to walk out. I would not be chastised or face any negative consequences. I had never been offered the front door at the last minute and I know I'd be afraid to say something for the fear that the doctor I said it to would not want to keep me as a patient in their practice. This was tremendously calming and reassuring. I was included in the decision making process up to the very last minute.. I chose to proceed without reservation or hesitation and felt safe. My post-operative course was as predicted, and to MY surprise it all went smoothly! Oh, and the horror stories one hears about the infamous nasal splints are just that, stories. They didn't bother me one bit. I grew rather fond of them! Their removal was so easy and quick. My surgery was a huge success. I can breathe well, smell the flowers and taste my favorite foods again. Dr. Lin is a gifted surgeon. He is kind, friendly, gentle, caring and an excellent listener. Such a gentleman with a great sense of humor! He treated me as an individual who had very specific needs and to me, this makes him stand alone. I highly recommend Dr. Lin and Lin Plastic Surgery without reservation. Lastly, I made a new friend to boot!

Mommy Makeover at 52 -Best Thing I Ever Did. After losing weight (around 20 lbs) and working out 4 days a week, I still had very large breasts(36H) and a "pot" belly from having 2 kids. I finally decided in June 2018 to make an appointment with Dr. Lin. It takes a while to get an appointment. I saw him in September 2018. He felt that due to the size of my breasts and my smaller frame (5'2") that I would be approved. He also felt like a TT would help me be happy with the results. I left the appointment excited. Unfortunately, after waiting around 6 weeks, I was denied by my insurance. After talking with my primary care, we decided the best way to get this approved was to get PT for my aching back. I got 6 weeks of PT and informed the therapist why I was there(to prove that I needed a BR). The therapist wrote an excellent conclusion that stated I still had midthorasic tightness. I also got a letter from my primary care that stated I had back pain, suffered from fungus under my breasts and that losing weight had not gotten rid of my unusually large breasts. Dr. Lin's office resubmitted the claim for insurance to cover it and I finally got approved in April 2019. I scheduled the surgery for June 2019. I also went back in to talk to Dr. Lin as it had been over 6 months since I had talked to him. I made sure that I told him that I didn't want too small breasts. I wanted D or small DD. He indicated that he couldn't make a specific size. Instead he would make a size that fit with my hips and torso size. As for the TT, I told him make me flat and get rid of all that belly fat! The day of the surgery came and I wasn't too nervous. I had read up on what I needed at home for supplies and what to expect for pain. I got to the hospital and everyone was so nice. I opted to pay extra and stay overnight the first night. I think it was a good decision as my husband is not a great caregiver when sickness is involved. The pain management was great and really I was never in great pain. I would call it discomfort. Everyone (the nurses, the aides and Dr. Lin) were all shocked by how well I was doing that night and the next morning. I was able to use the walker and get around by myself including going to the bathroom. I was released at 2 PM and went home. My sister stayed with me for two days - 1 night. I didn't need a recliner and I was alone at home by Monday (I had surgery on Wednesday). I was off the Oxy but Saturday morning. I saw Dr. Lin at 1 week post op which I drove myself to. Both Dr. Lin and the assistant were shocked at how well I was doing. I wasn''t straight but close to it. It is now 7 weeks post op and I am totally happy with my results. I am a small 36DD or large D. I started back to crossfit this last week. I am wearing a bikini at the beach for the first time in decades! My pants are inches too big and that is with a binder on! What I have to say is GET IN SHAPE PRIOR TO YOUR SURGERY!!! My legs are super strong and that helped me get up and down without having to use my abs. I had like zero pain associated with my breasts. The tummy tuck is uncomfortable and tight! But so worth it! If you are at all thinking of doing this, do it NOW!! I wish I had done it years ago. I am so happy with the results. Just do it. You will be so happy.

Ucci 76
I Am Grateful for the Excellent Care Provided by Dr. Lin and His Team. I am a 30-year-old male physician who had previously had nasal surgery overseas in May 2014 that led to a large septal perforation. It got healed with time and the initial symptoms of the perforation were gone. One night I was going home from work and fell off my bike and was taken to the ER of the hospital. I was told that I have suffered a head injury and a comminuted nasal fracture. In my follow up visit the resident told me that he would want Dr. Lin to look into my case as it is a large septal perforation and he is the only Surgeon who will be able to guide me further. I started having the same symptoms such as significant difficulty breathing, constant nose bleeds, scabbing and crusting, persistent headaches, paranasal pain, and wheezing through the nose. My options for reconstruction of the perforation were evaluated but given the large size of the defect and prior history of nasal surgery, Dr. Lin performed one of the rarest of surgeries: a free tissue transfer using a temporoparietal fascia free flap to the internal lining of my nose. The surgery proceeded without any complications and my postoperative course was smooth. My follow-up examination at 2 months revealed successful closure of the perforation and complete mucosalization of the flap. Afterwards, I have been able to breathe again! I no longer experiences other symptoms providing significant relief. I am grateful for the excellent care provided by Dr. Lin and his team.

Jubilant 4089
Skip Dr. Lin, find a different surgeon. My PCP referred me to him for a breast reduction surgery. He damaged my breasts, they looked like half breasts with hard lumps in some areas and indentation and some other areas. Every time he game me f/u appointments he looked at me and my breasts and said" they will be fine, it takes times." A year later I had to consult a different plastic surgeon and had to have revision surgery. Thank God that insurance covered it again. The surgeon who did the revision did an awesome job, but there was so much damage that I still have a quarter size indentation on my outer breasts. Do your research!

Nobody wants to hear that he has a "unique and complex" tumor of the nose. Those words came forth from Dr. Lin during the first minute our first meeting. Although perhaps too blunt to another patient's ears, I greatly appreciated the honesty. This honesty coupled with his compassion, good humor and exceptional skill resulted in a could-not-be-better experience. My diagnosis was a rather large left nasal hemangioma--a big ugly clump of very vascular tissue in my left nostril. In order to excise it, a portion of the left side of my nose needed to also be removed and then reconsructed. The first surgery removed the benign tumor. During that procedure Dr. Lin created a nasalabial flap by removing tissue from my left check, rolled it up and attached it to the left side of my nose. With good blood supply, and no sign of infection, one month later Dr. Lin performed the second surgery where he reduced the flap and created my new left nostril. One month later I was basically healed. It looks great: the tissue color and texture matches perffectly and the scaring is slight to impossible to see. Overall, a fantastic experience with Dr. Lin and his entire team of Surgical Fellows, nurses, PA's and administrative staff.

Humorous 39
Dr. Lin is a remarkable surgeon. I want to thank him for his patience with me and for doing such a wonderful job on my breast reduction surgery. Dr. Lin is very knowledgeable and confident, but most importantly, he is very caring and compassionate. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Lin.

Willis 123
I am 24 years old and three months post open rhinoplasty with Dr. Lin. I had an excellent experience. Dr. Lin was the third and final consult that I had for open rhinoplasty. I was willing to continue paying for consult fees and attending additional appointments until I was 100% sure I had found the right surgeon. I was sure after my initial consult with Dr. Lin that I had found the right surgeon to perform this procedure for me. He also made sure to meet with me several times after the initial consult to answer questions I had before my surgery date. I came in with both functional and cosmetic concerns. I had narrow nasal passages, a slightly deviated septum, and oversized turbinates which made breathing somewhat difficult. I had a small bump on the left side of my nose. I also had an over projected tip that drooped especially when I was smiling. I had been told that the combination of droopiness and overprojection in the tip was a particularly difficult fix. Dr. Lin was able to address all of my functional and cosmetic issues. He gave me a better version of my own nose that fit my face perfectly. Dr. Lin was one of the few surgeons I was able to find with two verifiable board certifications. A lot of surgeons claim to have two board certifications but only have one when you go to verify the certifications. I was impressed by Dr. Lin's ability to make a beautiful, functional nose. He has the perfect combination of artistic and technical skill and really knows how to make the nose fit with the rest of your face while making sure it works well too. Stacy at the front desk also helped me immensely with insurance issues and nerves related to surgery. I would 100% recommend Dr. Lin for this procedure to anyone who asks. His bedside manner is amazing. He has met with me several times since surgery to make sure I am healing well. I am continuing to notice small changes in my nasal tip as residual swelling goes down and I am very happy with my results.

Meg A25

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