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Dr. Lin is not only an excellent surgeon but also an exceptional educator. His enthusiasm for the success of his students is very encouraging. He always ensured we had all the resources needed to succeed and answer any questions, along with explaining his rationale in a relatable way to his students. I highly encourage anybody who can work with him to do so, regardless of their medical specialty choice.

Gean Viner
Dr Lin is one of the most humble, most knowledgeable, most well-known person in plastic surgery. I had a opportunity to work with him in research and he seems extremely well adjusted well knowledgeable all-rounder was extremely kind hearted very calm knows how to treat every patient and overall very good human being.

Kasinala Kayson
Virtual Plastic Surgery with Dr. Samuel Lin was amazing. This Plastic Surgeon is a great instructor and mentor for medical students He has the ability to make complicated concepts easy to understand. He also has authored several books and research publications. I highly recommend Dr. Samuel Lin to teach and mentor medical students and medical graduates. He's by far one of the best. Medical students as well as medical graduates will benefit tremendously under Dr. Samuel Lin's tutelage.

Theresa Haynes
Excellent virtual research experience. Dr Lin will show you important steps on how to perform Systematic Review, register research on PROSPERO website and he will link estudents with research fellow who will help with your current research. I recommend this rotation 100% for those interested in learning how to do research.

jose luis avila zaldivar
With a strong family history of breast cancer, I did not have to think long about what action to take when I was told that changes in regular diagnostic testing gave me a 2 in 3 chance of developing breast cancer in five years. Given the option of more frequent testing and medications and reassurance that “ we would be on top of things”, I opted to be aggressive and had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction. The reconstruction, however, did not go well - this is where Dr Lin made all of the difference in my battle against breast cancer. I had nearly resolved myself to accepting that my unhappiness with my appearance after my mastectomies and implant surgery was a price I paid to virtually remove my breast cancer risk. I saw reviews for Dr Lin and decided to check if my options were truly only what I had been offered by the first plastic surgeon. Dr Lin explained ALL of the options I had for reconstruction, even a DIEP flap reconstructive procedure that I was told by the first plastic surgeon was not possible for me prior to my mastectomies. He listened to my exact hopes for a successful outcome. He informed me of the process I would undergo in getting to my goal, even when he had to give me news he knew I would not like to hear. Having my wishes completely disregarded by the previous surgeon had me hesitant about undergoing any more surgery. There is a big difference between perfection and a do-over. The first plastic surgeon had left me facing the latter and not because i had sought the former. Ultimately my profound unhappiness with my appearance and Dr Lin’s thoughtful, compassionate and understanding approach combined with his willingness to answer any and all questions thoroughly convinced me to take the leap of faith. I underwent a DIEP flap procedure last December and I could not be happier with my decision and my good fortune in finding such a humble and skilled professional. I am pleased with my appearance now and have regained confidence. Dr Lin’s ability to relate to and care for me as a person, and not just do the job for a patient, equals his expertise in his field and in the operating room. His staff was equally kind and available for questions during the whole process. Take it from one who has seen the worst possible treatment, and go for the best first! Reach out to Dr Lin now, and let him expertly guide you through your own personal journey back to a healthy physical and psychological self.

Jaybird S.
I would recommend this extraordinary rotation. Dr. Lin is an excellent Plastic Surgeon and also very good at teaching. In the process, I have learned from basic wound care and burn management, skin flaps and grafts, to more delicate rhinoplasty, ear reconstruction, and more complex transgender surgery. I really enjoyed this learning experience with him.

Hao Zhang
I had my nose surgery done on June with Dr. Samuel Lin. He is extremely skilled. I am so satisfied with the lovely results. I would highly recommend meeting with Dr. Samuel Lin .

Joan Zhang
I had the pleasure of being in a virtual rotation with Dr. Lin. It was a great experience that has sharpened and deepened my knowledge on topics such as plastic surgery and research. The rotation was versatile and understandable and provided me with many technological tools that being an online rotation, improved the experience. Dr. Lin is a highly knowledgeable professional who acted as a mentor, willing to answer all the questions I had in a comprehensive and evidence-based manner. Also, the follow-up was great! Once I finished my rotation, Dr. Lin was in charge of connecting me with qualified people to be able to complete my research projects. I fully recommend looking for him if you are interested in a virtual research rotation. Despite knowing him for a short time, I recognized Dr. Lin as a great person and a highly trained doctor, always up to help his students to reach the goals they want to achieve.

Francisco Batiz Fabela
I undertook a 4wk virtual elective in Plastic Surgery under the tutelage of Dr Samuel Lin. The experience gave me an opportunity to learn fundamental concepts such as wound healing, grafts and flap transfer as well as advanced surgical techniques for breast reconstruction, cleft lip and palate repair, face lift, rhinoplasty, hand surgery and gender reassignment. It was an intense and rapid learning curve, but Dr Lin was supportive and guided us through the program providing us with teaching, learning materials, quizzes and videos of surgical procedures. I would highly recommend the elective.

David Ajayi
It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Lin. I am grateful for the virtual plastic surgery rotation week. It was amazing for me as a medical student in Peru to be able to learn from him. I really recommend it!

Dalja Almonacid

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