Thank you for the wonderful compassionate care I received under your care. You and your staff are amazing. It is clear to me that you consider the impact of your work on a very nervous patient like me.

After meeting with several “top” plastic surgeons in the Boston area, my daughter and I unanimously selected Dr. Lin to perform her procedure. He could not have been better!!! He has a world-class background and a conservative thought process. In addition, he was incredibly supportive and comforting throughout. Needless to state, her outcome was as he planned and we are thrilled.

Excellent demeanor. Listened to my concerns and made suggestions that would be best for me. Very tuned in to the patient, not rushed or pushing his advice. A 5-star dr.

Based upon my own experience, Dr. Lin is a very talented and skilled surgeon. He was also very easy and pleasant to work with. He has a calm and reassuring manner about him and encouraged input from me which I appreciated. I would have no hesitation to return to Dr. Lin for future procedures and can highly recommend him!

My motivation for the eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) was medical in nature that is to assist with my peripheral vision. However it was also cosmetic as I am in my early to middle 50s. and my eyes clearly demonstrated my age…With Dr. Lin there were no cons, only pros involved in the entire process. Dr. Lin was highly professional, both in evaluating me as a candidate for these operations, in setting expectations, and during post-operative followups. The ultimate outcome, for both procedures, was outstanding. Thanks to Dr. Lin and staff, years were taken off my appearance, particularly around my eyes, and my nose has a much better shape. I’m very pleased w/ the outcome and would recommend Dr. Lin to anybody needing plastic surgery w/out reservation.

My experience with Dr. Lin was truly amazing. From the moment I met him I knew that he was the right surgeon for me. He is by far the nicest, most approachable and down to earth surgeon I have ever met. He is kind, caring, humble, takes time to listen to you, and explains everything/addresses concerns.

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Boston Plastic Surgery is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 295 ratings.

Dr. Lin and his staff were wonderful. Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly and my results were indicative of this. I was given all the necessary information upfront and felt very cared for and well looked after during the entire process. I’m thrilled with the end results and highly recommend Dr. Lin. I especially loved how many times he reached out to answer any questions and address any concerns.

Jamie Sroczynski
Dr. Lin is an amazing surgeon. My experience with him and his team was extremely positive. Dr. Lin is kind, courteous, and took the time to answer all of my questions. On the day of surgery he made me feel comfortable and confident about the operation. After surgery I was able to speak to the nursing staff whenever I had questions or concerns. I am thrilled by my results. My neck and back pain are gone! I highly recommend Dr. Lin!

Emma Dillon
I came to see Dr Lin when my post reconstruction breasts weren't feeling or looking their best. Dr Lin helped me to come up with a surgical plan which he carried out with great skill 2 months ago. I am happy to say that my breasts look and feel great! The team at Dr Lin's office and the surgical team were all wonderful- listening to my concerns and answering my questions before and after surgery. Great experience!

Aimee Joy
I thought about having breast reduction surgery for 10 years, a friend recommended Dr Lin, and the experience was nothing short of awesome! I am at the 6 week point of my recovery, and the results are amazing! No more back, neck, and shoulder pain, and all clothes fit so much better. The recovery process was so much easier than I thought, the only regret is that I waited so long to do this. Dr Lin and his team made this such a positive experience with their compassion, professionalism, and skill. I would highly recommend Dr Lin for this procedure if you are considering having a reduction, you will nothing but pleased with your results. A big thank you to Dr Lin and his team for all that you did to help me achieve such a wonderful outcome!!

Ann Willis
I wanted to share my experience of my Septoplasty with Dr. Samuel Lin. Throughout the process and in the recovery period, Dr. Lin and his team were all very communicative and respectful. As for the procedure itself, I could not be happier with the outcome. I initially broke my nose in basketball 8 ish years prior and had not been able to breathe through my nose. It was to the point that I honestly forgot people used their nose to breathe. After the surgery I can now not only breathe through my nose but I can take full breaths through my nose. I am very happy that I decided to have Dr. Lin be the surgeon to fix my nose.

Tegan Carr
I have a very good experience with Dr. Lin. He is very professional, kind and caring, has great work ethic. He answers all the questions. Dr. Lin spends as much time with the patient as necessary. I will highly recommend him to everyone who needs it.

Bozhena Kogan
First off, working with Dr. Lin and his team was wonderful. My experience was nothing but positive. I had a very unique case with complications from a previous septoplasty due to a broken nose. I had a large buildup of scar tissue and other various issues. It took years to find a surgeon and a course to pursue. It was well worth the wait. Dr. Lin & team were insightful, kind, and made the process easy; and unsurprisingly the procedure went smoothly and the results were excellent. Huge thanks to Dr. Lin & his team.

Zac Benfield
I took a Virtual rotation with Dr. Lin during January 2024. I'm from Mexico, and during this month we took Zoom Classes about diverse topics in plastic surgery, that were pretty awesome. Some people may think that taking a rotation from your home, in a Zoom format, could be no interesting and lack of importance, but taking lectures from Dr. Lin, have the opportunity to ask him questions and have a little talk about the topics, was an amazing experience, that I 100% recommend to any student, professional medical doctor or IMG that has the opportunity to take it and have a path in plastic surgery. I feel like another doctor after this experience, and that without hesitations, I feel that Dr. Lin it's one of the best plastic surgeons in all over America, and maybe the world. Thanks a lot for what you teach me Dr. Lin, keep doing that incredible magic you do as a surgeon. Regards, Eduardo Alonso

Eduardo Alonso Campos
Dr. Lin did a fantastic job! I'm very pleased with the results of my septoplasty and rhinoplasty. I haven't been able to fully breathe out of left nostril for over 20 years! I'm not bothered everytime I look in the mirror or into the lense of a camera because my nose is straight now! Thank you 🙂

I put off getting a septoplasty for about 5 years despite knowing i desperately needed one. I'd spend all day complaining about how tired I was because I wasn't sleeping, id wake up 8,10 times a night, I was always stuffy and couldn't breathe and it was driving me insane. I Finally gave in, even though the idea of surgery scared me. Reader if you are on the fence please take the leap. The most pain I felt was 1/10. I haven't woken up more than twice a night since my surgery. Feels like a fogs been lifted and I can think straight again now that I can sleep well. If all I had gained was that one first breath of air after the stints were removed it would have still been worth it.

Antonio J.

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