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When considering plastic surgery, it certainly makes sense to find the most qualified person to perform your desired procedure. Located just an hour away from Nashua, NJ, is the practice of Dr. Samuel Lin of Boston Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lin is an Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and is a member of numerous plastic surgery organizations which helps Dr. Lin stay current on the best practices for the procedures he offers. With dozens of positive reviews, we invite you to contact Boston Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

From Rhinoplasty to Neck Lift procedures, we offer a variety of services to achieve your desired look. We encourage our Nashua patients to call if you have any questions about the procedures listed below.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

One of the original cosmetic procedures, the facelift is still the most effective way to reverse facial aging. Dr. Lin employs various techniques to achieve the most natural looking results. He usually combines a neck lift with his facelift procedures because aging doesn’t magically stop at the chin.

One of the most satisfying, yet subtle, procedures, blepharoplasty tightens underlying muscles and support tissues, removes excess sagging skin, and repositions fat to refresh the eyes. This procedure takes from 10-15 years off the facial age, yet no one knows you’ve had anything done.

No one should need to live with a nose they hate. Dr. Lin has extensive experience with this delicate procedure, and often performs revision rhinoplasty on unsuccessful other previous surgeries. How’d you like to lose that hump on the bridge or your flared nostrils forevermore?

Give them a target and school kids and their teasing can be relentless. Protruding ears provide just such a target. If your child has protruding or otherwise misshapen ears, ear surgery can correct them and eliminate the teasing before it ever damages the self-esteem.

A weak chin can give people the wrong impression when meeting you for the first time. Dr. Lin can place implants in the chin and cheek area to provide facial contour that you’ve always wished you had.

Breast Surgery

Year in and year out one of the top three procedures in the U.S., breast augmentation involves many decisions, from implant type to incision location. Dr. Lin will walk you through each decision on the way to your new figure.

Losing a breast to breast cancer can take your self-confidence with it. Dr. Lin has extensive experience with the various options for reconstructing one or both breasts after mastectomy or trauma. These procedures can make patients feel whole again.

Overly large natural breasts can be a burden, both literally and figuratively. Reduction surgery gives you breasts proportional with your figure, which can be remarkably freeing. After pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, a breast lift can return the breasts to a higher position on the chest, removing excess sagging tissue and tightening support muscles.

Body Contouring

The localized weight gain and loss of pregnancy can be such that the muscles actually become separated in the center of the stomach. No matter how many crunches you do, your former firm abdomen won’t return. Dr. Lin can remove the sagging tissue and bring the muscles back to the center, slimming the contour and narrowing your waist.

Fat can be stubborn, especially when pockets form in certain areas such as the lower abdomen, the flanks, the upper thighs, even along the bra line. Dr. Lin uses tumescent liposuction to suction away these unwanted pockets of fat permanently. These procedures have become much less traumatic to the point where patients can return to work in just a couple of days in many cases.

You’ve done the hard part and lost a ton of weight. But now you’re left with skin that doesn’t fit your new contour. Fact is, overly stretched skin cannot tighten back down without help. Dr. Lin trims excess skin and repositions it across the body with body contouring after bariatric surgery. This will really show the new, thin you.

Non-Invasive Aesthetic Procedures

One of the world’s most famous brand names, BOTOX has been the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure every year since its debut in 2002. It erases crow’s feet, the 11s between the brows, and forehead lines and wrinkles on the upper third of the face.

Everyone knows exfoliation is the key to bright, vibrant skin. Chemical peels force the outer layers of the skin to slough off, allowing the new, healthy skin beneath to shine through.

We offer various laser procedures to remove age spots, rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, and tighten skin by encouraging the body to produce new amounts of collagen.

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