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I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer Stage 1 in October 2021 and opted for a double mastectomy two months later. I then decided to have reconstruction with silicone implants in March 2022. It was definitely a decision I regretted because I was quite unhappy with the look and feel of them. After researching other options, I was then referred to my microsurgeon, Dr. Samuel Lin, and after a consultation with him, I knew this was the surgeon I wanted to perform my DIEP Flap surgery. I am now four weeks out of surgery and could not be happier. Not only do I look better, I FEEL so much better because this is my own tissue and not a foreign body in my breasts. The surgery and recovery is a long procedure, but I would do it again in a second due to the results. I also can't recommend Dr. Lin more, as he is the most compassionate, understanding and accomplished plastic surgeon in this specialized field. His staff is also wonderful. I'm healing well and looking forward to getting my life back on track after a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Thank you so very much, Dr. Lin.

Katie Robison
Over the last month, I had the opportunity to learn from a plastic and reconstructive surgery curriculum designed by Dr. Lin. Through this experience, I got introduced to a broad range of topics in the field of plastic surgery, ranging from the physiology of wound healing to gender-affirmation surgery and all its complexities. Despite the rotation being virtual, I never felt a disconnect as Dr. Lin was able to answer all my questions on the surgical cases presented, in real-time. He excellently explained the rationale behind some of the surgical techniques utilised, and was able to simplify difficult concepts for me to understand. It is a very well-organised program that kept me engaged throughout the whole 4 weeks. I highly recommend it for any keen medical students wanting to get a taster of plastic and reconstructive surgery!

Zaina Aloul
I HIGHLY recommend not going to this doctor for a rhinoplasty. Got a rhinoplasty done in 2019. The nose brace fell off my nose half way through recovery. I had a stitch stuck in my nose until January of 2022. Today had a doctors appointment with an ENT, resulted in finding out I have nasal obstruction and valve collapse on either sides of my nose. It’s as if he did the surgery with his eyes closed. The doctor should stop doing nose surgeries all together, especially by the look of all his patients on his website. NOT HIS SPECIALITY. It was a young and dumb decision going to this doctor !

Thank you so much for the guidance throughout the first phase Dr. Lin and for continued support beyond the one month with the aim of submitting our abstracts to conferences . It was very helpful and a great start into research for a beginner such as myself. This is exactly what I was looking for to prepare me to do research in the US. I am very grateful to you and your team for taking the initiative to start this online rotation. Thank you for also being understanding of my busy schedule and for being very encouraging and supportive all the way! Forever grateful!

Shivana Ramsingh
I did not have a good experience with this doctor and his staff, especially crystal. I went there for consult during June, and I was told that I will be contacted once my insurance gives approval. I waited for 6 weeks, no one contacted, I called more than 5 times left voice messages, nobody reached back. I email crystal, she never responded. They are no responsible, and do not follow up.

The research rotation with Dr. Lin was more than what I expected. I gained insight into the complexity of preparing, planning and executing a systematic review. I also reviewed and learned new topics about the role of PI’s, HIPAA laws, Biomedical research, epidemiology and statistical analyses. Meeting Dr. Lin was wonderful since we had conversations about the research process and he guided me in the right direction.

Katherine Herrera
I had Dr. Lin for two different cosmetic procedures and I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking into getting cosmetics done. From the very beginning it was an incredible experience. He was always very helpful and patient in answering all the questions I asked him (there was over 30!) and he is great at making you feel comfortable and heard. One of the things I loved about him is he doesn't sugarcoat things to you and explains everything in as many different ways as you need so you fully understand everything. He gives you the best advice so that you may have the best possible outcomes. He checks in with you many times before surgery to make sure you are feeling good about your decision and is always reachable to you. The day of surgery went so smoothly. He has the very best team that takes care of everything from the IVs to placing the marks so that you are the least stressed as possible. I had no complications and I am in love with the results. I am in awe everyday with my new body and it is all thanks to Dr. Lin!

Rebecca Aguiar
I had the gratifying opportunity to enroll in the virtual plastic surgery rotation with Dr Lin. In addition to the elaborate online curriculum, I felt fortunate to have daily protected time with a plastic surgery program director which is not common on regular rotations. This has provided me with valuable knowledge, mentorship, and insight. Dr Lin is friendly, engaging, and eager to teach. He was prompt in addressing our concerns whether in session or through email. After finishing the rotation, he was keen on following through and staying connected. The online teaching platform is comprehensive, organized, and user friendly. During the online sessions, Dr Lin was thorough, supportive, and understanding. He encouraged questions, simplified complicated concepts, and made sure we understood the material. I enjoyed his enthusiasm which made the experience more pleasant and uplifting. I feel much more confident to engage in plastic surgery discussions and research from the knowledge I gained. Although there is no hands-on experience, Dr Lin goes over several important, and frankly fascinating surgical procedures with a step-by-step explanation. The ability to pause and inquire about any step in the surgery is not always possible during live procedures due to the emergent nature of surgeries. However, with the online rotation, I did not have this hesitancy where I wanted to ask questions but did not want to disturb the surgeon’s attention as he operates on a patient. You also have access to additional surgery recordings. I highly recommend this rotation to anyone who wants to learn more about plastic surgery. Moreover, I believe this rotation can serve as a preparatory or complimentary tool for in-person rotations, research fellowships, or residency training in plastic surgery.

Leen El Eter
For years I’ve struggled with breathing due to my deviated septum and I was insecure with how my nose looked from the side. I would have a difficult time falling to sleep due to not being able to breathe through my nose and I hated having my picture taken especially on my ‘bad’ side. If I had known Dr. Lin was going to be my surgeon , I would have done my rhinoplasty and septoplasty a long time ago. I couldn’t be happier with the results!!! I feel and look great. From day one, Dr. Lin answered all my questions and concerns with his comprehensive knowledge and expertise. He was compassionate, thorough and never once did I feel unprepared or wondering what to expect . I highly recommend Dr. Lin , don’t wait another minute… you want be disappointed.

Emily Florent
It has been an amazing journey to do observership under Dr. Lin. Dr. Lin's classes push us to the limit to learn more and understand more plastic surgery concepts. He has provided an extensive platform to learn in the form of a Deckermed platform, which was very useful for getting the plastic surgery concepts. The Quizzes were very challenging and prompted us to read the articles again and again. His live classes were in detail, from embryology to the latest concepts like targeted muscle reinnervation on which he is doing a lot of research. I learned a lot and the colleagues who attended classes with me were amazing. Dr. Lin also has great communication and interpersonal skills. He spoke and explained the concepts well and was available for any clarifications or questions. I highly recommend this to anyone who is willing to learn and build connections.

Dily T S

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