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Going in, I had a certain level of expectation from this rotation and was very happy when each and every one of them was met. Dr Lin’s virtual rotation is an experience that is one of a kind. It is filled with so much knowledge of the field of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery and at the same time addressed a lot of pre-conceived notions I had of the field. I especially loved watching all the different types of procedures and techniques and having any questions I had be answered on the spot by Dr Lin- who was very unassuming and reflected his passion for his field onto us. I looked forward to logging into class every day and learning something fascinating. This month of learning has been one of the best educational encounters I’ve had and has further cemented my interest in the field.

Nida Mohamed
I decided to contact Dr. Lin’s office after reading many good reviews. My own experience was like many others and I am grateful to Dr. Lin and his incredible team! They ensured I was well informed throughout the entire process from consultation to post-operation visits. Most importantly, I could not be happier with the outstanding results. Thank you Dr. Lin!

Dr. Lin and his team are absolutely fantastic. They are extremely thorough, responsive and attentive to detail. The entire process from consultation through post operative was a breeze. If you want a surgeon who is going to do an exceptional job and give you incredible results, Dr. Lin is your guy!

Jennifer Mackay
A good chance to learn the introduction of plastic surgery in one month. Saving time and money by learning online. Great amount of learning materials and quiz can be done online (this part is self-studying, self -paced). Have chance to view many plastic surgery video with teacher and classmates. Good atmosphere in the classes. A great experience, thank you, Dr. Lin!

Sienna Luk
I had the great opportunity to work with Dr.Lin in a virtual plastic surgery rotation during the month of November 2020. during my month with Dr.Lin I learned a lot about the basics of plastic surgeries as well as the new advances in plastic surgery. Dr.Lin was a great mentor, answering all of our questions and explaining the procedures for us. Dr.Lin opened my eyes to the field of plastic surgery a field I was always fascinated and interested in and my interest grew even further after my experience with him. Thank you Dr.Lin for the time and effort and I would always recommend this rotation to a friend or colleague.

Marwa Hawsawi
I was 44, with a wife and four young children, when I decided to have a preventative bilateral mastectomy. My mom and I both have a breast cancer gene mutation. We were diagnosed with the gene after my mom got breast cancer. And after watching her go through chemo and radiation, it became clear that I did not want that for myself or my family. My wife and I met with several doctors in Connecticut but ultimately traveled to Boston to meet with Dr. Lin. I initially thought that I would reconstruct with expanders and a later exchange surgery. But Dr. Lin suggested that I do a direct implant. It turned out to be a really insightful suggestion. I think Dr. Lin understood that I needed to wake up from the surgery with implants because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to prepare myself for the alternative. Recovering from a bilateral mastectomy is physically hard, but the psychological pressure I had felt and fear of feeling disfigured or fundamentally unlike myself let up as soon as the procedure was over. I wasn’t unrecognizable to myself; and as I healed, I began to really liked the way I looked. I’m now a year out from my surgery. Every medical professional who I’ve seen in the last year—gynecologist, internal medicine doctor, nurses, etc.—has been amazed at my results, and each has remarked that this is why you see a real specialist. I’m grateful to Dr. Lin for both his expertise and for his incredibly thoughtful approach to my particular situation.

Emily Wagner
Excellent and very talented reconstructive surgeon. I couldn’t be more happy with the result of my cancer related surgery. Doctor Lin doesn’t promise miracles he just performs them. Thank you again! Little update after my last check up. Result of my deep flap surgery getting better and better every year. It’s already 5 years. Result is so natural I couldn’t ask for more. Highly recommend this procedure with dr Lin!

M. F
I suffered from a deviated septum as a result of an accident. For almost 10 months, I had trouble breathing through the right side of my nose as it was almost completely blocked due to the deviated septum. I could not even sleep through the night due to this and I was in a lot of discomfort for a long time. Dr. Lin and his entire team were absolutely fantastic right from the initial consult to the surgery and even through the follow-ups. I ran into issues with my insurance while trying to get pre-approval for the surgery and Dr. Lin and his team constantly stayed in touch with me and stayed on top of the issue and worked with my insurance company to resolve the issues ASAP and helped me get the necessary pre-approvals for the surgery. I have felt so much better since the surgery and can finally breathe through the nose again. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lin without any hesitations. He is very empathetic and paid personal attention throughout my journey.

Rushi Patel
Dr Lin is one of the best teacher in the whole world.He has helped me a lot to discover myself and my passion for plastic surgery.He has made the subject so interesting that I am now now determined to put my best efforts to match into this residency one day. He was very friendly and was patient enough to answer each and every doubts we had, no matter how silly they seemed to be. I felt like days were flying and we were getting more connected emotionally to this great personality. I got a chance to see numerous surgical videos and also could learn many new concepts. The best qualities of Dr Lin is that he is so much dedicated in teaching his students and motivating them to pursue their dreams. He made me understand the need for being updated and trying to be familiar with every new techniques in surgery as well as medicine. Attending Plastic surgery virtual classes with him is one of the best decisions I ever made during the pandemic and my whole life.. Can never thank him enough.

I had very good experience with Dr. Lin and his team for my procedure, they are very professional. I'm very satisfied with outcome of the surgery. He is the best. Highly recommended.

Guoping Ji-Maillet

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