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Choosing the type of reconstruction

I saw a patient of mine a few weeks ago who remarked, “Up until I received my diagnosis of breast cancer, I felt in control in life, able to make decisions about life, family, and work…. Now, I have been through treatment, surgery, and treatment now following surgery…. my reconstruction is the only thing I […]

Tough times are meant to be shared

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you do not need to tackle it alone. Many of our patients come in and say they do not want to burden family or friends , afraid they will “bring them down.” “I have to be strong for my family…” However, it is in these tough times […]

Breast reconstruction after weight loss procedure

I had one of my patients who had undergone a lap-band procedure come in after having a bilateral (two-sided) mastectomy ask me if she would be a candidate for deep inferior epigastric perforator flap reconstruction. Certainly, following significant weight loss patients can be a candidate, in order to use the excess tummy tissue for reconstruction. […]

From mastectomy to being whole again

My nurse Maria related a story to me about a patient recently she spoke to. She told me that the patient, after having a mastectomy, passed by her mirror daily during her morning routine, and immediately following her mastectomy and the months afterwards undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy for breast cancer, was constantly reminded of […]

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