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Resources for Decision Making

Making a decision about breast reconstruction is very difficult. There are a number of choices, and it can be overwhelming in the best of times–let alone immediately after a cancer diagnosis when you are definitely not thinking your most clearly. A colleague developed this useful list of online resources for information. I would add the […]

Am I a candidate for a DIEP flap?

Patients always call asking me if they are a candidate for a DIEP flap. There are not many things that are absolute exclusions. To determine if you are a candidate, you need to come in for a consult. Even if you are overweight or have had previous abdominal surgeries, you may still be a candidate. […]

National Survey for Women who have had Reconstruction

If you have had breast reconstruction, please take a few minutes to complete this survey from the Cancer Support Community. Your responses, all confidential, will help design more resources and information for women considering this surgery. http://www.thewellnesscommunity.org/fm/Media/Wellnet/Summer-2010/Breast-Reconstruction-Surgery.aspx

Planned radiation following mastectomy for treatment

There remains the question of immediate reconstruction (at the same time of the mastectomy, and at the same surgery) versus delayed reconstruction (breast reconstruction performed after the mastectomy, which can be weeks to months following the initial mastecotmy)… This is an important discussion, as there are different viewpoints regarding the approaches… and a personal decision […]

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy7/24/2010 (10:11:04am)Tags: mastectomy reconstruction nippleComments: (0)It seems obvious that one of the more difficult parts of breast reconstruction is creating a new and natural-looking nipple and arerola. Women sometimes wonder about the possibility of a mastectomy that spares the nipple. Here is a brief interview, from MedScape, with Dr. Lisa Newman from the […]

Free Teleconference re Breast Reconstruction

It can be very hard to identify the best web resources about breast cancer. One very fine organization and website is Living Beyond Breast Cancer: www.lbbc.orgThey have the best printed materials of any organization that I know. Additionally, they sponsor many educational programs, both “live/in person” and teleconferences. Here is information about a July 28th […]

breast reconstruction and implants

I saw a patient of mine who had had 9 implant replacement procedures at another hospital who continued to have discomfort from the implant. I usually tell patients that Implant based reconstruction, while it certainly offers potentially a quicker upfront recovery potentially, may involve several implant exchanges or revision procedures in the future related to […]

Chemotherapy and timing of breast reconstructive surgery

As with a number of patients, chemotherapy can be a necessary part of the treatment process, as well as hormonal therapy. Usually, at the conclusion of chemotherapy, if one is in the process of breast reconstruction, we usually will wait at least one month for any staged procedure as part of breast reconstruction… The one […]

The Final Stage: Nipples and Tattoos

I was very pleased to be invited by Dr. Lin to occasionally contribute to this blog. I have been an oncology social worker at BIDMC for more than thirty years and work primarily with women who have breast cancer. In addition to my professional interest, I have a strong personal one as I have been […]

Is this cosmetic??

I went to see a patient on the floor today after her DIEP surgery, and she asked me, ” Is this cosmetic, what I just did?” She went on to explain that her oncologist, out of town, really gave her the impression that this was not necessary. We truly feel that this is not cosmetic […]

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